Kosovare Asllani She is the star of Real Madrid for women and in the HBO documentary ‘A Real Dream’ she recalled her debut with Tacon, which later became Real Madrid. A premiere that was a 9-1 win against Barcelona.

I will surely never forget that game because it was a great humiliation. I would say that it is probably the oldest I have lived in my entire career “, he confessed Asllani, to add that “we just gave them the ball. I was stunned by how we faced the game. Many of my teammates were very nervous because it was the first league game they had played. It was a match in which many players did not feel safe. We give them too many goals too easily. I think those players needed an experience that they still lacked ”.

Asllani spoke of his arrival in Spanish football. “I signed a contract with the Real Madrid. It was very important to me because I have followed the team for a long time. But, I also felt that signing a contract was a responsibility, because I was the first official player to sign with the club. This is my life and I have always endured a lot of pressure in the clubs I have played for, “said the Swedish striker.” I was in the PSG for four years, in the Manchester City, in the United States, with the National Team, with which I had an important role as second captain, so I like to assume responsibilities ”, he added Asllani who confessed that as a child she was a follower of Ronaldo and that his admiration for the Brazilian led him to become a Madridista. “I played for Real Madrid and that's how I met the team and started to follow them.”

The JSwedish female player He confessed that “my parents were born and raised in Kosovo. I was born in Sweden, but I think that girls from all backgrounds can be reflected in me. I felt it was my responsibility to fight for those girls too and to show that wherever you come from, nothing prevents you from fulfilling your dreams. We will pave the way for girls who dream of one day playing for Real Madrid, ”he said.

Asllani He did not hesitate to affirm that “I want the biggest clubs in the world to have a women's team. And Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world. It was important to get on the train like the other teams and show that we want a women's team, a successful women's team. I think there is a lot of potential and I want to help the team prosper in a soccer country like Spain. I have a mission ”, he sentenced.


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