Willy Bárcenas, ‘on fire’: from his experience with drugs to how little it bothers him to be called “facha”

During the Taburete tour with his latest album, Slaughterhouseits vocalist, Willy Barcenas has given a candid interview to The world. The musician responds from how he has left excesses behind to what song he would sing to Pedro Sanchez.

“In the end, flirting or being with a girl one night does not contribute much either. What it contributes is finding someone, as has been my case, that you want to be with you for the rest of your life. The other is fleeting fun. We now we finish a concert, we go to our room and we have a few beers there, but we don’t go to clubs”, he said about his new life as a married couple with Loreto Sesma.

The son of the former treasurer of the Popular Party, Luis Bárcenasy Rosalia Iglesias He assures that he does not feel represented with the “Cayetano” label: “The two insults we receive the most are those of ‘Cayetanos’ and looks and the truth is that neither of them bother me. (…) In the end, our message is have fun, have a good time and forget about your problems during the concert”.

Then, the journalist of the aforementioned interview reminded him of the controversial moment when, in one of his last concerts, he told the public: “Boys, girls, never children.” “Let’s see, there are men and women, there is no more. From there, I respect that a person who was born with one sex identifies with another. What happens is that I think that with this we are going crazy “he replies.

Guillermo Bárcenas (Willy Bárcenas) - SPANISH

The artist dismisses as “bullshit” people who identify as fluid gender. “Those things already seem like a joke to me. Today I wake up as a woman and tomorrow I go to bed as a man. There are cases in which it is real that sex does not match the gender and I defend it and, of course, I am in favor of all that. But I also believe that there are many people who, in order to attract attention and feel important, invent things that I don’t believe exist,” he says.

Willy, who says that he always gets wet in political issues, has dedicated a dart to Podemos: “Political violence is everywhere. What happens is that Podemos criticizes it when it receives it and nothing happens when it exercises it. They were those who created the escraches, right? So? But hey, Podemos is already a former party, so it doesn’t matter much either.” About which song he would sing to Pedro Sánchez, he affirms that “the setlist would not vary. The same songs.”

Also, the interpreter sirens He has talked about his experiences with drugs and some “ayahuasca trip”. “I believe that drugs open up something that is in you, but in my case you need something to push it, right? But hey, it can be the drugs or drink two beers or smoke a joint. In my case, at least less, they greatly enhance creativity,” he says.

“I have had different experiences, but in general it is a very intimate thing. For me it really is not a drug (ayahuasca), but a plant with a certain use, which is to know yourself better. It is a journey inward. I don’t recommend it to people, but if it calls you, find out, read about it and do it with people who know. I’ve done it with highly experienced shamans, in a very controlled ritual and with the exact doses of what’s there. to drink,” adds Bárcenas.

Semi-freedom for their parents

Last July, the judge granted Rosalía Iglesias the same regime of semi-liberty that her husband already enjoys. The woman also convicted of the ‘Gürtel case’ has the obligation to spend the night in the Alcalá-Meco prison. The National Court granted her her first prison permit in November since she entered prison at the end of 2020 to serve her sentence of 12 years and 11 months.

The reunion of Guillermo Bárcenas, leader of Taburete, with his parents