The Association for Women in Professional Sports denounces Rubiales before the CSD


The Association for Women in Professional Sports (AMDP) has filed a complaint this Thursday against the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, before the Higher Sports Council (CSD), requesting the organization “the start of the action protocol against sexual violence”, after the kiss on the lips of the president to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso in the final of the women’s World Cup.

“The Association for Women in Professional Sports, has filed a complaint with the CSD this morning. The AMDP requests the start of the action protocol against sexual violence in the absence of activation of the protocols by the RFEF”, the entity advanced in a statement.

The entity acknowledged that they are “overwhelmed” by the “silence” of the RFEF, “president of the different federations, players and clubs”, in the face of the situation, at the same time that they wanted to “see the sporting values ​​that correspond to a Royal Federation”.

“A historical event such as the World Cup that we have just won cannot be clouded by the silence of the RFEF. We are surprised by the lukewarm reaction of the CSD, which continues without acting ex officio to the detriment of all the athletes who do not see themselves supported by the institution that should protect them”, lamented the AMDP before the “shameful acts carried out by the still president of the RFEF”.

These “leave no doubt about his immediate disqualification” for the AMDP, which believes that Rubiales continues to hold a position “that he is not in a position to represent.”

“We thank Getafe, Osasuna and Liga F that have had the courage to protect the values ​​of sport and fair play,” he thanked the statement, in which they defended that they do not recognize the advancement of women and equality in rights “must resign”. “The rules of the game have changed and we also play,” settled the text.