Queen Letizia, with a fracture in her right foot after an accident caused by hitting a table: “This will heal in no time”

With flat sneakers, “sports shoes, necessarily wide and comfortable to alleviate the effects of a slight injury diagnosed as ‘fracture in the proximal phalanx of the central toe of the right foot.'” This is how Mrs. Letizia attended this Monday, May 6, in the morning to an event at the Teatro Real in Madrid, as we have been informed by Casa Real.

Due to this fracture, “therapeutic syndactyly was performed, that is, the holding of two adjacent fingers to promote immobilization,” Zarzuela confirms to us. “The injury occurred several days ago in a domestic accident, due to a blow against a table.. It was in days prior to last Saturday’s event in Zaragoza, which he attended with severe pain in his right foot,” the note continues.

Upon arrival at the concert EmotionArtorganized by the Princess of Girona Foundation, Letizia told the media that the injury was “bad luck”. And he added at the time of the photographic pose: “This will be cured in no time… I’m going to stay for a few weeks.”

“Ice and rest”

After the accident, “the medical recommendation includes applying ice and restbut Mrs. Letizia’s will is to maintain the planned agenda of activities, although she must do so with different footwear than usual, even at official or gala events, for the necessary time – possibly weeks – until the fractured phalanx is consolidated.”

On this occasion, the Queen has worn wide sneakers. As can be seen in the image above, the shirt on the right foot has the cord very loose, without adjusting. As stated by the King’s House, the fracture occurred days before the 40th anniversary of Don Felipe’s flag oath at the General Military Academy of Zaragoza (AGM), which was celebrated on Saturday, May 4. For this ceremony, the Queen opted for a low, thin heel, which is known as kitten whole.

Doña Letizia, on Saturday, May 4, on the 40th anniversary of Felipe VI’s swearing in of the flag

For a few weeks now, Mrs. Letizia has had some discomfort due to her Morton’s neuroma injury, which consists of a thickening of the tissue around the nerves of the toes, caused by frequent and continued use of high-heeled shoes. As she herself clarified to us days after the trip to Holland, at the reception at the Palace of Amsterdam, she sat during the hand kisser to prevent the injury from causing pain.