William’s football visit to Wales: that happy smile that gives peace of mind (around Kate)

Second public event on Guillermo’s agenda this week. Trip to Wales for David’s Day. The prince has been photographed in multiple settings. One of the most curious, The Turf pub, where he has toasted, shot in hand, with actor Rob McElhenney (series Fargo y Ronald MacMcDonald and Hanging in Philadelphia). The performer is very popular in Wrexham, North Wales, as co-owner of the Wrexham Association football club along with Ryan Reynolds.

Guillermo’s smile during his tour of Wrexham has been his message of calm regarding speculation about Kate Middleton’s health. Calm and happy, the son of Charles III has also visited the Wrexham football stadium.

This second appearance of the prince this week has come after Kensington came forward to stop the rumors about his wife’s recovery and insisted on the statement he already distributed in January, when Kate was hospitalized at The London Clinic: “We were very clear from the beginning,” Palace sources told Page Six. The princess will be away “until after Easter.” In addition, they repeated that they will send updates on her status “when they are significant.” And they concluded with a resounding “This script stands.” Let us remember that the rumors exploded when the heir canceled his attendance at the funeral mass in memory of Constantine of Greece, which took place on Tuesday the 27th in Windsor, citing “personal reasons.”

Yesterday, Thursday, we saw him in London with the Jewish kippah and a conciliatory gesture. William had to bow to the demands of his and Charles III’s Government and visited the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in the capital. The visit was scheduled days after the brave statement in which the Prince of Wales called for a “ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip. A gesture to compensate for the message from Kensington Palace, in which he stressed that “too many people have died.”