will tell his ‘truth’ while calling him a liar

The rider remains in the spotlight. Even more so, after his visit to From Fridaywhere his confessions left no one indifferent. In addition to confessing his intimate relationships with trans people and that he considers himself “unfaithful by nature”, Alvaro Muñoz Escassivisibly dejected, revealed on the Beatriz Archidona and Santi Acosta program that he and the former Miss Spain had a “open relationship”. This is precisely what he said this Saturday Maria Jose Suarezlike never before, through their social networks.

The truth is that the rider went into detail about his breakup with María José and revealed that everything started to get complicated on June 22, the day she received the famous email from Valeri warning her of his infidelities and demanding payment of 1,700 euros for her services. After acknowledging her sexual tastes and her alleged open relationship with Suárez, the model has taken a firm stance: to sentence his relationship with the riderwith whom she has shared her life for more than three years.

“You should tell the truth because this man has made you look bad.”her followers have urged her to break her silence and come forward. Said and done. The model, far from staying silent, has announced that she plans to tell her whole truth in the coming days: “I’ll do it because today I found out that he was in an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that that’s a lie. What a disgraceful character.”has written to deny, once again, that she was aware that Escassi had relationships with other people.

And it seems that we are in a never-ending loop. A few days ago the same situation occurred: her closest circle stated that she was furious at the excuses of the rider, who claimed to have had sexual relations with other women during the “crises and estrangements” with the model, something that she was unaware of: “I just found out that we once broke up,” she said.

Marta López, Escassi’s new ‘enemy’

With all this media hype, the rider is adding new faces to his list of ‘enemies’. Marta López, who also had a brief romance with him, has joined the bandwagon to tell how badly her relationship with Escassi ended: “It was humiliating for me. He said he had nothing to do with me and the worst of all is that he didn’t remember. I don’t know if he didn’t remember because I changed a lot after having my nose operated on! Or because it was a silly thing, a one-night stand,” she said in a statement. Sociality Club to the astonishment of Maria Verdoy.