Carmen Thyssen makes her debut without pixelation, turns 18 and replaces her mother at a public event

A special day for Baroness Thyssen. Her twin daughters, Carmen and Sabina, will be celebrating their 18th birthday this Saturday, July 6th, and as expected, they are celebrating in style. This Friday we were able to see her daughter Carmen for the first time at an event, representing her mother.

Carmen Thyssen took over from her mother and inaugurated an exhibition in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. Tita Cervera’s daughter was greeted with congratulations for her coming of age and for taking over from her mother, who was suffering from fever and was unable to attend.

The young woman received the “Giant’s bouquet” and was seen on stage alongside Guillermo Cervera, Miquel Noguer and Carles Motas… after which, we were able to hear her in public for the first time.

Guillermo Cervera spoke first and dedicated a few words to her before the opening of the exhibition ‘Entre Obres’ at the Espai Thyssen, remembering his aunt: “We are lucky to have a relative, Carmen Thyssen, her mother, my aunt, who is a great collector and has a great eye as a collector, and has been acquiring works of wonderful intensity of Catalan painting. The possibility of being able to be exhibited in this museum has filled us with joy for years.”

We also heard her speak, Carmen thanking her mother for her support: “Good afternoon. I am very happy to be here, in front of all of you, representing my mother, to welcome you to this magnificent exhibition. I hope you enjoy it very much. Thank you.”