Barbara Rey stands up for Alejandra Rubio after Edmundo Arrocet’s attacks

Bárbara Rey appeared this Friday at the Mister Gay gala and there she spoke to the media on one of the most special days for her: the 41st birthday of her daughter Sofía Cristo, who has become her fundamental pillar after the attacks by her son, Ángel Cristo Jr.

He did not want to talk about this specifically, in fact he revealed to us that “I wish him happiness, that he has a lot of luck in life… but I am not going to talk” because “between children and parents, it is not a question of forgiveness, I have always loved them and I still love them” and he concluded by saying that “my children are the best gift that life has given me.”

She has also been somewhat reluctant to talk about Edmundo Arrocet, after the interview he did speaking badly of the Campos sisters, and she commented that “I’m not going to comment on him because I’m not interested” because “I don’t think it’s fair the attacks she’s receiving for being pregnant, I don’t understand the huge fuss and why they criticise her so much for having sold an exclusive.”

However, Bárbara wanted to send a message to Amador Mohedano after the unpleasant words he had for the clan and explained that although he has been “a person that I have always liked a lot, I don’t know if he knew that they were recording him, but giving an opinion about the pregnancy and whether it is right or wrong, or about the person with whom he is going to have the child, seems very wrong to me.”

And the star does not understand how Amador, with what he experienced with his daughter Rosario Mohedano years ago, has dared to give his opinion of Alejandra Rubio: “We must not forget that Chayo got pregnant very young, younger than Alejandra, and now we see where the father of the child is… that seemed awful to me, the one who always speaks is the one who should keep quiet the most.”

Finally, we asked Barbara if she will ever talk about everything she is going through and she confessed that “I have a lot of things written,” confirming that her memoirs will eventually come to light: “Yes, I will, but I don’t know when, I’m in no hurry, it’s almost better for them to come out when I’m no longer here.”