Why Pablo Motos has dressed up as Isabel Pantoja and why she lends herself to the promotion and the interview

We will have to wait until September 4 to find out but, looking at the promotional video, the return of Paul Motorcycles and ‘El Hormiguero’ promises. Last week the news leaked and this Monday it has finally been confirmed. Isabel Pantoja is the first guest of the new and long-awaited season, which will measure its forces with the new interview program with which Jorge Javier Vazquez will try to restore leadership to Mediaset, ‘Chinese tales’. In El Hormiguero they do not usually pay their interviewees but they tell us that Isabel Pantoja has negotiated this interview: “Either she has received or they have promised her some good prize in the chain,” a source tells us. “Free I guarantee that she does not go,” she adds.

The presenter of ‘Save me’ will have a difficult time, since Pablo Motos has ‘thrown in the rest’ and, at the start of his 18th season, he has achieved the unthinkable: that the tonadillera abandons his retirement in Cantora and returns to television two years after his passage through the musical talent of Telecinco, ‘To Star: how much is your voice worth?’.

A long-awaited reappearance that Isabel herself and the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ have confirmed with a hilarious promotional video with which they have unleashed madness and have created great expectations for the interview that will take place in just one week, the next September 4.

In the ‘promo’, with the famous ‘X-Files’ melody in the background and a hotel as a setting, Pantoja finds the face of Pablo Motos everywhere: on the breakfast toast, in the bathroom mirror, in the painting from Goya’s ‘La maja vestida’, in an ad for hair-growth while reading in the newspaper… “It’s all signs, I have to go back” the artist assures before picking up her phone and, with a mischievous smile, exclaiming: ” Paul, we need to talk.”

A fun video in which the singer puts her acting skills to the test and demonstrates her talent as an actress, and with which ‘El Hormiguero’ warms up for the first program of the season, which will feature Isabel as a star guest. Will she talk about her relationship with her children Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja with the presenter? Will she answer the hilarious questions of the ants ‘Trancas’ and ‘Barrancas’? Will he dare to do any of the risky tests that Pablo proposes to his guests?

But the question is: Has Isabel Pantoja been paid to lend herself to the interview and the promotion? Or perhaps this interview is the antecedent of his joining Antena 3, with appearances on other Atresmedia programs? Time will tell.