The mother of Luis Rubiales returns him to the covers of the British tabloids

The circle narrows even more against Luis Rubiales. The Commission of Presidents of Autonomous and Territorial Federations of the RFEF has asked him to present his resignation “immediately”. He Metoo of Spanish football is already unstoppable after the kiss on the mouth to Jenni Hermoso in Sydney during the celebration of the World Cup victory. The British press echoes it and takes the case to its front pages, as Daily Mail, which publishes that FIFA is going to press for Rubiales to be banned for 15 years. This sanction, which they call exemplary, is unprecedented in the history of football. It was precisely FIFA who separated him for 90 days for the highly commented and incomprehensible kiss.

Not only Daily Mail. They also open their covers with the photo of Rubiales The Daily Telegraph y Daily Star. Both means address the hunger strike of the leader’s mother. Ángeles Béjar locked herself in the Divina Pastora church, in Motril (Granada), this Monday 28, as a protest against “the inhumane and bloody hunt” that she says her son is suffering.

What situation are you in?

The aforementioned Territorial Commission expressly mentions the latest events as “unacceptable behavior” by Rubiales that has “seriously” damaged the image of Spanish football. The presidents request that he immediately resign as president of the RFEF. This announcement was made on Monday the 18th after a meeting at the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas in Madrid. In addition, the National Court Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings against him for a possible crime of sexual assault and offers Hermoso the possibility of denouncing the Spanish soccer leader for this alleged crime.