Why Letizia's former brother-in-law, Jaime del Burgo, has lit up the networks with his comments

Jaime del Burgo, ex-husband of Telma Ortiz and therefore former brother-in-law of Joy, He returned to the media arena weeks ago with his namesake Jaime Peñafiel, being the undisputed protagonist of the book that the parliamentary chronicler and scourge of the woman of Philip VI published less than two weeks ago with the Almuzara publishing house, linked to Manuel Pimentel, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs between 1999 and 2000 during the government of José María Aznar.

Currently, Pimentel holds the position of host of the television program Archeomania in La 2 on archeology. It so happens that Pimentel, father of the son of the former president of the Popular Party of Catalonia Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, He is also editor of the book The love of Penny Robinson, whose author is Letizia Ortiz's first husband. In this work, Alonso Guerrero shares, in a fictional way, his personal experiences with Doña Letizia, with whom he married civilly on August 7, 1998 and separated a year later.

The jurist and businessman Jaime del Burgo was briefly married to the sister of the current queen of Spain, was a witness at the Kings' wedding and claims that he lives between London and California. For unexplained reasons, he has recently exhibited photographs and revealed his version of his alleged relationship with the current queen consort.

A former friend of the Queen and witness to her wedding with the then Prince of Asturias, the son of the historic Navarrese politician has maintained “telephone conversations” and correspondence by email with Jaime Peñafiel, “making him aware of relevant facts” about his private life. This book includes a consent signed by Del Burgo to make those passages public.

Del Burgo, who in Peñafiel's work speaks in the first person, says that the CNI ransacked his house in Genthod (on the outskirts of Geneva, at number 9 rue de Village) looking for something: “What has always been and continues to be kept in a safe in a financial institution with the express order to be delivered to the defender of my memory in case of accidental or premature death, that day, I say, I also behaved in view of all my vilified intimacy. Del Burgo assures that he has asked his former sister-in-law, that is, Letizia, to collaborate “so that the king can die in his house and in his country,” referring without a doubt to Don Juan. Carlos.

Despite not agreeing with Juan Carlos's exile, Jaime del Burgo On several occasions he conveys to Peñafiel his favorable opinion of King Felipe, whom he describes as an intelligent and “kind-hearted” man.

He was the one who advised Letizia Oritz when she negotiated the marriage agreements before the wedding with the then Prince of Asturias and acted as the bride's advisor. “Felipe promised Letizia that, in case the marriage did not come to fruition, he would take care of her.” and would respect her rights as a mother if by then they had offspring,” reads, black on white, the text of the book signed by Jaime Penafiel and in which he quotes, with express authorization, Jaime del Burgo.

“Later, the second promise would come, still and always in force, my own towards Letizia. Consisting of that, if Felipe did not fulfill it, I would do it for him in terms of caring for his well-being and protecting his person. And “We would challenge, if the circumstances arose, the terms of the custody regulation.”

Del Burgo assures that his relationship with Letizia Ortiz began in Venice, and had, as the former first president of Navarra explains, “four stages.” He also assures that before knowing that the journalist had a relationship with Philip of Bourbon, He wanted to marry her and even wore an engagement ring one night before having dinner with her “in the garden of the Ritz hotel in Madrid.” According to her own version, he did not propose to her because in that same meeting with two of her she confessed that she had met a man who would change her life.

For a time, Jaime del Burgo was part of the Princes' family life, according to him. He was invited to Zarzuela, Baqueira and Marivent. “I had a great friendship with Felipe. I told him my problems, and he told him his,” he says. “But in August 2011, when he was in London, Letizia called him and ended her relationship: “We can't continue seeing each other,” del Burgo says she told him. “And he hung up.”

Jaime del Burgo maintains that he keeps all the evidence of his alleged relationship with Queen Letizia, “photographs, videos, mobile phones, SMS”, in a bank safe. Years later, Del Burgo married Telma Ortiz, sister of her Queen, whom he already knew since he met her one day in Zarzuela and the four of them ended up going to the movies.

“When we left, it was raining heavily, and, instead of returning in the car with the princes, I did it in Telma's. When we arrived at the Prince's Pavilion, it was raining so much that we couldn't go out. And we spent about an hour there talking. She asked me to go one day to visit her in Barcelona, ​​where she lived at the time. And that's what I did. I called her and went. I told her that her sister must not know that she had gone. She wasn't surprised. I had also forbidden her to see me,” says Del Burgo.

Almost six million views in a few hours and counting

Some time later, the relationship went further, the wedding with Telma came and two years later, the divorce, by mutual agreement. But this Sunday, social networks collected a tweet from Jaime del burgo that within a few hours of being published had almost six and a half million views.

“Love. I wear your pashmina. It's like feeling you by my side. It takes care of me. It protects me. I count the hours until we see each other again. Love you. Get out of here. Yours,” the writer noted through his X account (the old Twitter) along with a photograph of Doña Letizia in front of the mirror as a selfie which, by the looks of it, must be several years old.

This publication is not the only message that Del Burgo has shared, alluding to his alleged relationship with Letizia. In Peñafiel's book he narrates an alleged scene that occurred, according to the former Telma Ortiz, in 2010: “Lying in the same hammock, under the pool porch, facing each other, Letizia told me 'I love you' and I responded 'I love you.' 'The last time we said this to each other was on May 20, 2004, in The Whiplash, a restaurant near Zarzuela. That moment, in the hammock, was one of those in which life takes a turn,” reads the text in quotation marks in Jaime Peñafiel's book. It is not the only reference from Del Burgo to Letizia:

“For a year and a half we thought and took steps forward with the goal of being free, we dealt with the issue of divorce, the girls, we sought legal advice, we looked together at a house in Florida that bordered Zarzuela where we could live out the stages that we were in Spain “We consider New York as the best option for permanent residence,” says Del Burgo.

The former brother-in-law of Queen Letizia has stated that the consort proposed to him to have a child together through a surrogate. “The idea that we would have our child through a surrogate in Los Angeles was proposed to me while I was in The White Earth. We put a nest on Miguel Ángel Street,” she reveals.

The son of the first president of Navarra also reveals how the then princess of Asturias put an end to her friendship with him. It was in August 2011. “The only time we argued”. It took place in Marivent, in Mallorca. “In November of that year, I was in London and I received a call. It was very brief. He told me: 'We can't continue seeing each other'. And he hung up,” he said. Then came the wedding Thelma (Letizia's sister) with Jaime, in 2014. Marriage that lasted two years, until 2016.