Why did he have to undergo surgery urgently?

This weekend Jose Manuel Parada He had to undergo emergency surgery for a serious health problem. The Galician journalist himself, 70 years old, tells us that he has spent Saturday and Sunday hooked to the drip and full of cables. “I had a big scare. I came because of pain and they told me I had to go into the operating room,” he laments. “The worst is over,” says the former presenter of Neighborhood Cinema. They removed his gallbladder because it was very swollen. He was embarking on a trip for work, he felt pain and had to be taken to the hospital. Fortunately, he confirms that the operation has been a success.

“The scare was tremendous,” the man from Monforte de Lemos tells us. “I made a stop in Bierzo to see my mother and my family, and I started to feel bad, and I said: ‘I’m going to the hospital to get rid of the pain and they told me it was very serious,’ says the ex-husband of Chelo García Cortés. “He had an infection in the gallbladder that if it reaches the pancreas can be fatal,” he explained. “I said: ‘Let me go do the program and but they told me they couldn’t wait even half an hour,'” he adds. “I am weak, without strength, but I have already shaken it off and saying how great health is, that we value it little when we have it,” he says. “The doctor told me that under normal conditions it is three days, but since there is an infection and the antibiotic is given intravenously, I think it will be six or seven days to leave the hospital,” he clarifies. “I remember my father because in this hospital we had to say goodbye to him. And all the patients recognize me and say to me: Are you Parada?” “My mother, at 92 years old, is not aware of what is happening. She thinks that I am in Santiago de Compostela doing business. My mother is now a 92-year-old baby. I am lucky to have a brother who also takes care of her, because she does not “She doesn’t want to go to a residence but rather be in her little house. When she sees that I’m okay, I’ll go see her. Before returning to Madrid, I’ll go home and stay for a few days,” she concludes.

The journalist gave us another scare a little over a year ago when in April 2023 he shared an image of himself from the hospital. Alarmed, Carmen Lomana and many others asked about what happened and he responded with a detailed explanation: “Everyone calm down. The worst is over. I have had surgery,” he said then. Jose Manuel Parada He did not clarify on that occasion what the operation had consisted of, but he did say that everything had gone well: “Now I just have to rest and recover as soon as possible to thank you all for so much love.” And he adds: “I’ll call you. But now I have the TF without sound yet,” he concluded.

Parada thanked the health personnel for their treatment, as he has done on this occasion, and then threw a spear in favor of Madrid’s public health system: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, and the staff and other patients who could not be more affectionate. NO. I can hearing bad things about Madrid’s public health system. I am experiencing it personally.

The journalist received dozens of responses from friends such as Cristina Cifuentes (“I hope you are well soon”), Nacho Montes (“May you recover well and calm”), Makoke (“Paradita, but well, I didn’t know anything. Many kisses”), Los del Río (“A hug and hope there is improvement”) or his ex-wife, Chelo García Cortes (“Take good care of yourself, Jose”).