Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, forced to sell her mansion in Madrid due to her financial difficulties

These are not good times for the ex Pedro J. Ramirez. The 63-year-old designer has just put her fabulous penthouse in the center of Madrid up for sale, for which she is asking a whopping seven million euros. The house, in which she lived her best years with the father of her two children, Tristan and Cosima, has more than 500 square meters divided into a large living room, kitchen, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a library, among other rooms. The Marchioness of Castelldosríus claims that she has outgrown it now that she lives alone, but the reality is that her company is going through a very delicate moment.

The bad results of the brand Agatha Ruiz de la Prada They started in the middle of the pandemic, like many other businesses. However, four years after the confinement and restrictions brought by the coronavirus, the firm is not lifting its head. We already announced in December 2021 that the designer found a patch for the economic failure: increase her presence in the media. That year she appeared on the cover of Hello and a tour was scheduled for the sets of Telecinco and also those of Antena 3, not only in gossip programs (in which he criticized Pedro J. and boasted about his boyfriend) but also in formats where he showed skills beyond his gift. for sewing, such as The challenge.

The situation was so delicate that Ágatha was forced to sell one of her premises in the center of Madrid, located on the famous Golden Mile. The buyer was Value Plus Properties, the joint venture owned by Dunas Capital and Mutualidad de la Abogacía.

This entire strategy allowed him to maintain his company and his pace of life for three more years. Now, Ágatha is having problems again and five months after reappearing on television as the star signing of dancing with the stars (a TVE failure), has put his luxurious duplex in the center of Madrid up for sale, which is offered on a high-end real estate portal.

According to OkDiario, the property, of more than 570 square meters, has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, storage room and terrace; several rooms, greenhouse and views of the central Paseo de la Castellana. The starting price? 7.5 million euros. The house, however, is completely ‘agathized’ with the firm’s colors and prints.