Luis Miguel is with Paloma Cuevas and in Spain since June 15

On June 14, the singer Luis Miguel offered another of his applauded concerts in the United States. It was in Nashville (Texas) and that night the Sol de México not only achieved another success on its resume, but also said goodbye for a season to the public beyond the Atlantic, knowing that in a few hours it would board its plane to Spain . That is why hours after leaving that stage, Luis Miguel began to enjoy a well-deserved vacation until next Friday, June 28, in the bullring of Córdoba, he will once again stand in front of his Spanish audience in what will be the start of his tour in our country. The question had been clear for many days: Where is Luis Miguel? Today we have the answer: in Madrid.

With the discretion and neatness that characterizes him, Luis Miguel arrived, settled in his refuge and few, if not almost no one, knew of his presence. His girlfriend was waiting for him in Madrid, Paloma Cuevas, who has done the impossible, sometimes with trips of just 24 hours, to be able to reconcile her family life with her courtship with the artist. And they haven’t had it easy. Paloma was always very clear that she had to take one hundred percent care of her daughters and her parents, and Luis Miguel has also understood and respected that. But obviously the desire to see each other was enormous and Luis Miguel did not want to waste a single day to be able to spend these days of rest and preparation for the Spanish tour with his beloved Paloma. Although to date there are no images of the couple in Madrid, I can assure you that they have had some meetings with their close circle of friends and of course with the family. Some dinner in restaurants, private meetings and a lot of tranquility. Obviously they are aware of the media interest they arouse and that is why it would not be strange if at any time we see them on one of their outings, but that will be thanks to the perseverance and sagacity of some paparazzi, since they prefer to continue with their quiet life outside of the lights.

On Friday The tour will start in Córdoba, in a loving nod that Luis Miguel has had towards Paloma Cuevas when he wanted to have his first concert in his girlfriend’s hometown. It is taken for granted that Paloma will be at that concert, and it is very likely that, as she has been doing all these months, she will try to keep a very low profile, staying in the background and not wanting to appear in the photos or on headlines. To date, she has performed on the American tour, where she has only been seen accompanying Luis Miguel at some entrances or exits to restaurants or walking alone through some airports. We will see if in Spain we have more memories of the two in a summer that she promises will be very special and that for Paloma, caring for her parents is as important as her daughters.

The truth is Victoriano Valencia He has been in poor health for a year and has had to go to the hospital many times. The last one was this weekend as a result of some tests that had to be performed and where pneumonia was detected that the doctors described as not very serious. But his advanced age means that certain precautions are always taken, since it is already known that prevention is cure. Both Victoriano and his wife Paloma They had been hospitalized (she for COVID) but are now recovered.

Surely the presence in Spain of Luis Miguel, whom they have known since he was a child due to the friendship they had with his father many years ago, is the best balm so that everything passes without further incidents and with great enthusiasm for this tour. give as much joy as the American woman who has broken all the records of the moment.