When the ice between Harry and William is no longer an urgent problem: why the Sussexes were unaware of Kate’s illness

There is no roadmap for reconciliation between William and Harry. Coldness marks their relationship, despite the fact that this Friday, March 22, the princes of Wales received a call from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of encouragement and support. This private call (the format of which has not been revealed, it is unknown whether or not it was a video conference) occurred shortly after Kate Middleton reported her cancer treatment. Following the thread of this chronology, Harry and Meghan found out about their sister-in-law’s illness at the same time as the rest of the world.

Harry and his wife were aware of Kate Middleton’s illness when they saw the video that Kensington published on his official account. After this statement, reactions began to emerge from those around her. In the orbit of these relationships are the Sussexes. The planetary distance between William and Harry is known since the prodigal son of Charles III (Harry) released his autobiographical memoirs to the world, In the shadow.

After the princess’s cancer became public, the British press picked up on that contact call from the Sussexes sending their support and love to Kate. However, this gesture has not melted the ice or shortened the distances between the two Windsors. The Waleses decided not to tell the Sussexes anything about the illness because “they can’t be trusted.” These are the words of a royal analyst in The Sun.
Furthermore, reconciliation with his brother is not in Guillermo’s plans right now. His objective is to take care of his wife and his three young children and to reconcile this work with his institutional agenda, which involves taking on what his father, Carlos III, who is in prison, cannot. full cancer treatment.

Harry’s upcoming trip to London is also expected. Aim Daily Mail which will occur, if confirmed, in May. The reason, the Invictus games, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of this sporting event. The prince will travel alone, without his wife and without his children, Archie and Lilibet. It would be a great opportunity for the duke to take the step to break the ice that marks his relationship with his brother.