The Aural Team of Silvia González and Abel Antón prepares their health in Quirónprevención for the Titan Desert


The members of the Aural Team, led by the runner Silvia González and the athlete Abel Antón, two-time marathon world champion, have visited Quirónprevención to undergo a medical-sports checkup prior to the dispute, from April 28 to May 3, the Titan Desert in Morocco.

During this health examination, each of the members of the team that will pedal in the next edition of the Titan Desert in support of the fight against cancer has undergone an in-depth study to rule out any cardiac pathology, as well as other tests. complementary to know your health status.

The Aural Team has been created around the figure of Silvia González, cycling coach and founder of the ‘training for all’ initiative, who was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2018 and underwent an automarrow transplant in 2023.

Far from abandoning it, Silvia González has found in sport the best ally to confront her illness and during treatment she has continued practicing her passion, cycling, and participating in high-level events such as the Vuelta a Ibiza, the Hurdes Epic Race and the SEA To Summit.

Now she wants to improve herself again by facing the challenge of finishing the Titan Desert in Morocco and she is going to do so surrounded by a team that has been joined by, among others, Abel Antón, ambassador of Aural Centros Auditivos.

Quirónprevención has joined the team with the cyclist María Luisa Cuenco ‘Tungui’, a colleague who has been working in the health company for more than 10 years as a Health and Safety coordinator in electrical works and a Prevention Technician. ‘Tungui’ has already made the podium in the Titan Desert on two occasions.