William of England did not attend Constantine’s funeral because he received Kate Middleton’s diagnosis

The viral video of Kate Middleton announcing that she suffers from cancer has broken the secrecy in which Kensington Palace has been immersed in the last two months, since announcing that the Princess of Wales had undergone “abdominal surgery” and her convalescence would last until Easter. With this revelation, many other questions are answered that the heirs’ office also did not want to address and that resulted in an unprecedented tsunami of rumors. For example, the surprising absence of Prince Guillermo at the funeral of Constantine of Greece.

The mass in memory of the brother of the Queen Sofia brought together all European royalty, including our kings, Felipe and Letizia, and our emeritus. The absence of Charles III, in the midst of cancer treatment that she had announced a few weeks before, was more than justified, as was that of her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, also recovering from her ‘mysterious’ surgery. However, the absence of Guillermo, at that time ‘substitute’ for his father, was a cause of surprise. Especially when the heir announced it just an hour before the appointment. He then made sure that the prince had gone to visit his cousin Lady Gabriellawhose husband, Thomas Kingston, had been found dead that same morning. This Friday the true reason was revealed: that day, Guillermo and Kate received the diagnosis of the disease and he did not want to separate from her.

As she herself revealed in her video, she underwent surgery on January 16 for an abdominal ailment that, at first, seemed non-cancerous. However, postoperative tests revealed the opposite and that diagnosis was received at the end of February. Shortly after, the princess began preventive chemotherapy treatment, as her doctors advised.

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Kate has not revealed what type of cancer she suffers from but she does say that she is in Phase 1, the first of all, and that she is feeling much better. “I’m doing well and getting stronger every day by focusing on the things that will help me heal – in my mind, body and spirit.”