The America of Mexico wants to sign Darwin Machís and he has made a proposal that does not reach those 10 million euros for which Granada could consider accepting to transfer the player. The intention of ‘Las Águilas’ is through an assignment with a mandatory purchase option when the season ends. This point is important because Granada could agree to collect the aforementioned ten million euros at the end of the season, which would have to include the classic transfer premium for this year. The Mexican team is very interested but they will not have it easy because the Granada team has him and it is clear that he is not going to give it away.

The Venezuelan looks favorably on this possibility. In the Mexican media ’90 Minutes ’it is mentioned that he could earn 1.8 million dollars (approximately 1.6 million euros) in this campaign, slightly more than double what he charges in the Los Cármenes team.

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Granada took over Machís after paying Udinese, a club from the orbit of Gino Pozzo, former owner of Granada, three million euros. He has a contract until 2023 and a clause of 30 million euros. Unbalancing footballer, with speed and shooting, he had a lot of prominence at EuroGranada despite injuries. It is not the case of a player that the coach does not have and that is why he is looking for a way out. Machís enters into Robert Moreno's plans, but on the other hand, the Granada entity hopes to obtain an income that would be great for him.

The deadline to carry out transfers in Mexico is open until the 22nd of this month. In Spain it was closed on August 31. It is one of the few markets still open in the world. Important hours arrive. Granada can be left without a different footballer and, being outside the established deadlines, he will not be able to sign a substitute. Only if an unemployed footballer has free chips.

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