Marcelino made it clear yesterday in Lezama that “Williams is a very important player for us. because it generates uncertainty in rival defenses. The goal always goes by streaks. Even the great scorers, he hasn't been until now, they've had streaks ”.

The Asturian coach is clear that “Iñaki is giving us a very good job. A forward is not efficient just because he scores a goal, but because he participates, creates uncertainty and gives us generation opportunities. You have to give him more balls to take advantage of his movements, especially in fast transitions ”.

When asked about the fact of having added 13 points of the 30 at stake in the League since he took over the Athletic bench, Marcelino replied that “there are few points, that's my first feeling. For the game and performance offered, we deserved more than the points obtained. Of those 10 games, two were against Barça and one against Atlético and Villarreal and we were able to reconcile those games with those of the Cup and be in another final, which means making history within Athletic. Sticking to the League, yes, there are few points and we cannot be satisfied ”.