Sergi Barjuan, interim technician of the FC Barcelona, regretted not having been able to get the three points in his debut in office after the dismissal of Ronald Koeman. “There was no reward,” Sergi limited himself to pointing out with resignation in front of the Movistar LaLiga cameras.

“In the first half, it was difficult for us to play between the lines with the interiors, then we rectified it looking for the movement of Memphis, and we managed to move the ball fast. When we were better, they tied us with an unfortunate play.”

Draw feelings

“Bitter feeling, we tried to get the centrals to give us superiority, to make the ball run, I think we have done it, but with the draw nobody is satisfied. We have to teach them that we are on the right path, but make them see that they are the right thing to do. that they can change it, we can only help them. ”

Options in LaLiga

“Intensity is measured at times, not in one-on-one disputes. There is a lot left for La Liga, but if there is a way to fight it, it is by winning. If you don’t win, it is impossible to win it.”


“I am positive, optimistic, a winner and all I have to do is win them over, how, right now with affection. We just have to translate it into a victory. My intention is that we are in command and we have seen it. We will see if we recover troops, which too it would be important”.

So many casualties for Kiev

“It’s what there is, I can’t find it alone, Ronald found it, but that’s what the bench and the subsidiary exist for. We have no choice but to keep looking forward. We have to look to tomorrow and tomorrow is the next game.”

How is the kun

“I asked him how he was doing and he told me he was a little dizzy and now I have found out that they have taken him to the hospital for tests.”

Goal on first rival kick

“To win you have to score one more goal than the rival, in the action of Luis Rioja, even if you play a card, you have to stop it. At that moment you have to think about the team and stop it”

Only 37,000 viewers

“I keep that the only way for the stadium to fill up is with work and sacrifice, the more we work and respond, the people will respond. I just want to thank those who have supported.”


“In these two days it is to find my idea, look for superiority and what we have, that we plug them in. I am happy with the order and balance. We have to grow with the ball.”

“In the second we were more intense, we hit a ball at the post but with an isolated play, with many rebounds, they managed to score us.

I have had very little time to work, what I have tried is to order a little offensively and defensively and in this they have been applied, but no matter how hard you try, when there is an adverse goal, “he analyzed before in Movistar LaLiga.

“Today we have planned a possession game, of balance between lines and on Tuesday, if I get to Kiev, I will do the same. I will try to revive them and focus more there, who are they, who are very good and who have to believe in themselves.” he insisted.