“We are all interested in it going great. Me, too”

One of the advantages of presenting TardeAR is that now Ana Rosa Quintana You can finally stay up late. For this reason, a few months ago we can see the journalist more frequently at events after the daily closure of her magazine. The same thing happened this Wednesday, June 19, as Ana Rosa went to enjoy a wonderful night at the Las Ventas bullring, where the ‘Beef Awards’ were presented and where she attended to the media on a day in which It was inevitable to talk about several current topics, among which was the news of Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy: “When a child is born is always a joy, but his family would have to give their opinion. I hope that he does very well and that he has very lucky. She is very young, but before we had children at that age,” said Ana Rosa, who has acknowledged that, when it comes to being a grandmother, she has “lost hope.” And she specified: “I don’t want the little ones because they are very young, and Álvaro is taking it calmly.” However, she did not hesitate to affirm that she would be “a wonderful grandmother. The best thing about grandparents: pamper them, indulge them, miseducate them… and when they get angry, with their parents,” she said jokingly.

The presenter will soon take a few days of vacation to go to Sotogrande and enjoy the family and the beach, but she made it clear that in September she will be back at the forefront of the Telecinco afternoons, which will change with the arrival of Jorge Javier Vazquez y Jorge’s diary. Regarding that, he said: “Jorge will do great. And we are all interested in him doing great. Me too.”

In addition, she acknowledged that she had spoken with him at a gala where they met recently, but not about the program: “Jorge and I are like old friends all our lives, because it started with Rosa Villacastín and me in Extra Rosa, in the ninety-odd years,” she said before remarking that she has no intention of leaving the afternoons: “I just got here!”

As for whether he would return to the mornings, he said: “I love the morning, I love politics, but I have taken this step and, not even going back to gain momentum.” Little by little she has grown fond of the afternoon despite the tough competition she faces with And now Sonsoles. Regarding that, when asked if she has a war with anyone, she said: “No, not me,” she concluded emphatically.