Mireia Belmonte, with national bronze but without an Olympic mark in 400 styles


The Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte has won this Wednesday the bronze medal in the 400 meter medley of the CXI Spanish Swimming Championships in the absolute category, which is being held in Palma de Mallorca, but she has not achieved the minimum mark to compete in said event this summer at the Olympic Games in Paris (France).

Although Mireia Belmonte (CN Barcelona) had the best time of the morning session with 4:48.53, in the afternoon it was difficult despite starting on lane 4. The multiple Olympic medalist was in tow and at least reached the podium (4:49.08) , staying far from Laura Cabanes (Real Canoe, 4:39.99) and Alba Vázquez (CN Churriana, 4:40.39).

In this way, none of them made the Olympic minimum. Emma Carrasco (CN Sant Andreu) did swim below her in the last Winter Open held in Sabadell, although she did not register for this competition in Palma de Mallorca after several weeks of break due to discomfort.

The experienced Jessica Vall won a new gold in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:07.94 – the minimum was 1:06.79 -. The young women Jimena Ruiz (Real Canoe, 1:08.53), Nayara Pineda (Torrelago Wellness, 1:09.59) and María Ramos (CD Gredos San Diego, 1:10.07) could not beat her.

María Daza (Real Canoe) made a personal best with 1:58.81 in the 200 freestyle, in a great duel with Alba Herrero (Tenis Elche, 1:59.04); Paula Juste (CN Lleida) finished third, with 1:59.09. Spain has an Olympic place in the women’s 4×200 free relay, but there are still names to be awarded and Marina García (CN Sabadell) also competed well in that final.

The 50 butterfly, a non-Olympic event, saw in the women’s final the Venezuelan triumph of Lysmar Lyon (26.75), followed by the Portuguese Mariana Cunha (26.97) and with the Spanish Lidón Muñoz (CN Sant Andreu) swimming down lane 1 until signing the best national in 27.06.

In addition, César Castro won the men’s 200 freestyle with 1:46.51, an Olympic ‘consideration’ mark for not having obtained the minimum, which was 1:46.26. Second place in that final was a fight between Luis Domínguez (EM El Olivar) and Carlos Garach (CN Churriana), resolved in favor of the former by 13 hundredths (1:47.91 vs 1:48.04).

On the other hand, Carles Coll (CN Sabadell) took the 100 breaststroke title with 1:00.63; It is not an Olympic minimum (59.49), but he seems to be already thinking about the 200 styles. In the 50 butterfly, the grand prize was the title and also that Rafa Muñoz, world record holder for 10 years with his legendary time of 22.43, would hang the medals.

The Portuguese Diogo M. Ribeiro, world champion, won with 23.23 compared to the 23.50 of Mario Mollá (CN Terrassa) and the 23.67 of Alberto Lozano (CE Mediterrani). And in the men’s 400 medley, beyond the victory of the Taiwanese Hsing-Hao Wang (4:17.04), second was Radu Valentín Neata (4:24.45) and Marcos Martín finished third (4:26.69).