This will be the wedding of Jordi Cruz and Rebecca Lima

Jordi Cruz y Rebecca Lima They count down the months to go through the altar after five years of relationship and a common son, Noah, who was born in August 2023. It will be this summer when the toughest judge in MasterChef say “yes, I want” with the architect. Specifically, on August 24 in Girona, as revealed in the podcast In all sauces.

The setting for that special day will be dreamlike: the Blanes convent. It is a privileged place that has impressive views of the sea and is protected and declared of monumental and landscape interest.

On Wednesday, other details of the wedding have also come to light, such as the choice of the wedding menu which, as could not be otherwise, will be up to the standards of the prestigious chef. The engaged couple have opted for the cuisine of Nandu Jubany, one of the best chefs in national gastronomy, awarded 5 Repsol suns and 1 Michelin star. The menu that guests can enjoy will be made up of traditional Catalan cuisine dishes, worked with innovation to delight the five senses of all those present.

The wedding between Jordi and Rebecca, which will be four days after the first birthday of the child they have in common, is added to the list of wedding events in 2024, among which that of José Luis Martínez-Almedia and Teresa has already been held. Urquijo, and that of Javier García Obregón, nephew of Ana Obregón, and Eugenia Gil Muñoz.

The six-Michelin Star chef and the Brazilian urban planner have been together since 2019. During the pandemic they became even closer, as they took the step of living together in the Catalan’s house. Since then, their relationship has been consolidating to the point where they are ready to form a beautiful family together and, now, also to get married.