Was I waiting for a match like this?
Yes, sure. I always work hard and I knew the right time was coming.

The play was beautiful, with that pass to the back of Kroos …
Yes, Toni gave me a good pass, it's a play we always do in training. Luckily he came out and I was able to score.

Did you focus or shoot?
I looked for goal. It's true that Piqué touches the ball.

And now that?
We must continue like this, work for us and for the fans, thanks to the Bernabéu that has been filled to help us. Everyone deserves this victory. We continue with our usual work, to do what Zidane wants from us, this game we played again very well and we won.

What did Mateu tell him?
There was another player talking to me and he told me he couldn't talk because he had a card.

He has celebrated by taking his finger to the shield. Why?
I play in the best team in the world, I always want the fans to be happy. I feel very happy, happy for all the work this week. I want to hug, celebrate and keep working to win many things this season. I am like a child, it is a child's dream to mark in a Classic. I'm sure I won't forget tonight.

And Casemiro who told him in the goal?
In the first part I had three options to kick and the pass, he said he had to throw more to the goal.