Vin Diesel, denounced for alleged sexual assault of his former assistant

American actor Vin Diesel He will have to go through court after being accused of committing an alleged sexual assault. The complainant, Asta Jonassonassures that the events happened in 2010, during the filming of the film Fast Fivewhile she worked as his assistant.

In the document presented to the Los Angeles Court, Jonasson noted that the star of Fast & Furious He groped her, kissed her without her consent and masturbated in front of her in a hotel room in Atlanta.

“Jonasson continually struggled to free himself from his grasp, while repeatedly saying no,” the report reads. Vin Diesel ignored the woman's “non-consent”, that in the face of this situation she did not resist and simply closed her eyes to try to dissociate herself from reality, according to the lawsuit.

“She felt like she was a piece of trash that had to be thrown away. She felt helpless, her self-esteem was demolished and questioned his own abilities and whether a successful career would require exchanging his body for a promotion,” the document states.

As Asta relates, the events happened when he had been working with the American actor and his production company, One Race Productions, for a week. One day after the alleged assault occurred, the woman was fired by the actor's sister, Samantha Vincent.

The lawsuit, filed under California's Sexual Assault and Concealment Accountability Act, not only faces the actor with an allegation of sexual assault, but also with a case of “gender discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation and negligent supervision.”