Myles Bryant of the Patriots reacts to Taylor Swift’s angry tweet about Travis Kelce’s push.

Myles Bryant of the Patriots reacts to Taylor Swift’s angry tweet about Travis Kelce’s push.

There were many interesting moments involving Taylor Swift at Sunday’s Chiefs-Patriots event at Gillette Stadium.

However, the one that may have stood out the most was her emotional reaction to a play involving her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Swift, 34, looked angry in the second period when Patriots defender Myles Bryant hit a 34-year-old Chiefs tight end in the final zone, but no call was made.

Bryant, who lost 27–17 to the Chiefs with his Patriots, saw Swift’s now-viral response and said it’s “cool” that she’s into it. “The stakes are high. “It’s cool that people really get into it,” Bryant, 25, told People not long ago.

This year, Taylor Swift became engaged to Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. Since then, she has become a big football fan.

As a result, Swift gets very emotional, and he showed that passion at the game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.

During the third period for the game, Swift got angry when Kelce and Patriots defender Myles Bryant were involved in a play within the end zone that wasn’t called.

Following Swift’s response to the play, Bryant shared that he believed it was “cool” that Swift was so interested in the football game.

There was a lot of anger about the no-call, not just among Swift. There was no flag on the play, so Kelce threw his palms up in the air and looked at the refs.

Even though the Chiefs could only score three points upon that drive, they still beat the Patriots 27–17 and got a much-needed win.

The Chiefs ended their losing streak of three games and kept their playoff hopes alive by beating the Rams.

During the exciting game among the Kansas City Chiefs or the New England Patriots on Sunday, Taylor Swift was unable to hold back her tears when she saw her boyfriend Travis Kelce fall on the field.

When Kelce was hit at a very important point in the game to Foxborough, Massachusetts, Taylor Swift jumped up and yelled.

Page Six said that Swift’s emotional response, which was accompanied by a loud exclamation, quickly became the center of attention during the match.

Cornerback Myles Bryant of the Patriots bumped Kelce, making him fall just as the ball went by. This started the fight. The secret surrounding the game added to the excitement of a game that was already very interesting.

There were questions about whether Kelce’s fall was a real accident or a planned move. In football, a player will purposely fake a fall to get a penalty, which is called flopping.

Swift was at this game with her father, Scott, to the first time, which made it even more special. She was there to show her support to Travis Kelce.

Kelce had said before that Scott was a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but Scott wore Chiefs gear to the game to show his newfound loyalty.

After Kelce and Scott noticed holding hands at Taylor’s gig in Argentina, this public display of support comes soon after they became close.

During all the excitement on the field, rumors have been going around off the field that Kelce might propose to the Grammy-winning singer.

Page Six reports that sources say Kelce asked for and got Scott’s okay, which led to rumors of a possible engagement.

This new information draws attention to Swift and Kelce’s relationship, and this is very different from the singer’s other relationships, which had to be less public.

Kelce, Taylor Swift’s most outgoing partner, loves the attention. In fact, Swift had to change the words to a song she was performing recently to show how close she and Kelce are.