Victoria Federica, surrounded by influencers at her 23rd birthday party: she wears a 300-euro top

Victoria Federicawho is fighting to make a name for himself in the world of fashion thanks in part to his father’s influences in the sector, turns 23 this Saturday, September 9. Froilán’s sister blew out the candles this Friday just after midnight. She did it from her influencer friends.

They were with her Tomas Paramo y María García de Jaime, who sang happy birthday in unison along with other friends of the young Vic. The face of the daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar was one of maximum happiness. She even blushed and put her hands on her head in front of her cake. “Make a wish!” Her friends shouted at her with the force of the seas.

To celebrate her birthday, the niece of Felipe VI He didn’t wear anything. She pulled on the famous white Loewe tank top valued at 320 euros. Not within the reach of all young women her age, since most of the girls in her country are finishing their studies and wishing for the doors of some company to open for them to build a future. After blowing out the candles, Victoria Federica went to a nightclub with her gang to continue the celebration.

Victoria Federica has become the country’s royal influencer in recent years. Although her media interest is more than palpable in the media, especially in the tabloid press, the truth is that on Instagram she alone has 253,000 followers. A large figure but one that is far from what other large national influencers have.