The real Georgina, from Venice to Cabo de Gata: this was Cristiano’s girlfriend’s beach afternoon

Of everything that united Cristiano Ronaldo already Georgina For seven years now, what stands out most is their common obsession: not to go unnoticed. The Portuguese footballer, at 38 years old, maintains intact his evident need to attract attention wherever he goes, much more than other sports stars, whether he is playing on the field and celebrating a goal or regretting a bad play with some of his well-known shouts and fusses as if he were on board his plane with his family, taking selfies or sailing on his 27-meter-long yacht.

Georgina (Buenos Aires, January 27, 1994), born in Argentina but raised in Jaca, was immediately infected by that uncontrollable attachment to not go unnoticed. But she has also made it profitable. Perhaps the humble origins of both have led them to become addicted to these displays, which are always striking, if not bizarre, whether on the Venetian catwalk, in their Netflix series, buying expensive bags like the ones she sold when her boyfriend went to buy them or answering questions Pablo Motos in the anthill.

This Friday, the influencer was in the charming district of Agua Amarga (Almería), one of the most beautiful towns in Cabo de Gata. There she walked through its white and flowered streets with her family, several companions, security guards, advisors and other entourage, acting at all times with exquisite kindness and relative normality, given that, inevitably, many of those who saw and recognized her portrayed her. She even offered herself with patience and even a smile to make selfies with fans and admirers.

On one of his stops, he sat with his group at a table in a beach bar, where he became the talk of those who spent the afternoon there. She was dressed with simplicity typical of the place and the moment: her hair was combed with a ponytail, she was wearing an aqua green cap, a white T-shirt, black shorts and Nike sneakers, a brand that she has signed a mega contract with Cristiano.

All relatively normal, given the nature of the character, a worldwide celebrity. Except for one small detail, 27 meters long, anchored on Agua Amarga beach, which is not exactly huge.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mega yacht with which Georgina visited the district was in itself, this Friday, like an immense neon sign that signaled the presence of someone important from any point off the Agua Margueña coast. That same ship in Puerto Banús or Palma would not have attracted attention but in front of the delicious Agua Amarga beach it was as if an Egyptian pyramid had emerged from the sea.

27 meters of yacht on a 660 meter beach

But it was not a pyramid but a Azimut Grande 27 Meters, whose base price is 6.2 million euros, an amount that can increase depending on the accessories and extras that you want to add, which are almost infinite. The Portuguese star bought it in the summer of 2020 and, since then, he and his family have enjoyed several vacation periods, as we saw this Friday. Cristiano Ronaldo himself and his wife sometimes upload photos to their social networks from the deck and interior of this luxurious yacht that has four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The yacht is not by far one of the largest in the world, but it has a spectacular design, with large terraces on different levels and sides with large windows that give great light to the interior. The solarium on the upper floor has a jacuzzi, while on the deck there is a bar with high chairs where you can enjoy the boat ride.

The interior and exterior furniture is the work of Italian Achille Salvagni, one of the 100 designers of luxury residences and yacht interiors in the world. The interior design of the bedrooms and bathrooms has a homey feel with nautical touches. The ceilings, finishes and furniture have a softness and elegant grace in their lines. In the living room, the sofas, armchairs and dining table seat 10 people. The color tones give a point of serenity with pastel colors that give a feeling of exclusivity that is associated with Azimut.

The master cabin is on the main deck and occupies the entire width of the boat, giving great spaciousness to the most important room on the boat. The great light is another point in favor of the cabin, since the windows go from floor to ceiling. It also includes a dressing room and special cabinets for the owner to store some of his most important accessories, such as a section where he can place his luxurious watches.

The cabins located on different decks are connected by a spiral staircase. One of the possibilities for the rest of the cabins is to have rooms with two single beds or one double bed. Each of these rooms also has wardrobes that adapt well to the design of the boat so as not to take up more space than necessary. That is, the closets in the guest bedrooms are built-in and hidden within the soft design of the room, with the intention of making the most of the space. It has a fuel capacity of 9,500 liters and a water capacity of 2,000 liters. The ideal speed of this boat is 22 knots with its two 1,900 horsepower engines.

The residents and vacationers of the paradisiacal enclave of Almería chosen this weekend by Georgina They are used to sharing the beach and beach bar with celebrities. From Almeria Isabel Jiménez and her friend Sarah Carbonerowho passed by there when he was still with Casillaseven the kings of Sweden or Letizia Ortiz herself, who took a diving course when she had not yet met Don Felipe.

However, a famous person is a famous person. And he is worthy of comment no matter how many you have seen. In the groups of Whatsapp Of those who met Georgina this Friday and had the opportunity to immortalize her, posed or stolen photos spread and debates even arise about whether or not it is convenient for the town to publicize these visits.

Of course, when we polled the neighbors we found respectable but very different opinions. Some prefer not to publicize these visits so as not to overload a crowded town with more visitors in summer; Others criticize the fact that the famous person is bothered with cameras and even cry out for their right to privacy (although in reality Georgina lives off her fame), even on a public beach.

It is inevitable, no matter what is said, that if a world celebrity appears in a place on the beach, outside the prefabricated scope of a docuseries television, a catwalk, or a selfie suitably cooked, the press will photograph its target, as long as it is in a public place, such as a beach.

But if we also take into account that, apart from being Cristiano’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez’s lucrative profession is that of influencer, You shouldn’t be too bothered by having your photos taken. In fact, it didn’t seem to bother her because she kept a kind smile even when some of her companions tried in a bad manner and with some violence to prevent images of her getting on the zodiac that was taking her back to the yacht at the end of the trip. late.

Georgina was correct, kind and smiling, but some of her assistants were not.

It was not Georgina, it is fair to say, who was wrong this Friday, but rather some of these characters who either do not know the law, or do not mind using force and bad manners against those who, with all their rights, can (and should , if you are a journalist) obtain graphic testimony of a newsworthy event, as long as we are talking about a public figure in a public place.

Georgina is a symbol of unapologetic luxury taken to its extremes, the star of a reality television show on Netflix in which she exhibits her cloyingly high standard of living. She is also a mother (biological or adoptive) of five little ones whom she shows off on social networks and private planes and wherever she wants.

Dice The Voice of Almeria that Georgina Rodríguez is going to stay the entire weekend enjoying with her family in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. And there are even those who affirm, as we said, that Cristiano is about to fall. Get ready to see more paparazzi. But we warn: Georgina’s yacht left Agua Amarga shortly before 1 p.m. with an unknown direction, although we assume that it will anchor in another of the paradisiacal coves of Cabo de Gata.