Espanyol has slowed down in this second round, in which they do not know victory after three games, where they have only added one point out of the nine at stake and have conceded eight goals in three games. To which must be added the elimination of the Copa del Rey. Despite this, Vicente Moreno considers that “these are situations that are experienced during the season” and values “The 27 points we have, which is a good figure“.

Despite the 1-0, both from RdT to the center of Óscar Gil, the Blue and Whites later fell into the hands of a bossy Betis, who played football like the angels and who scored four goals, which could have been more: “Betis have a high technical level, a lot of quality. They are usually capable of submitting their rivals. It was a shame. We started well. We were where we wanted. We didn’t want to leave them spaces, we weren’t suffering. It was not a penalty. We give away the action of 1-2. When you put yourself in an adverse marker this can happen. They have spaces, they are dangerous and forceful. We have failed options to put the second and they have that forcefulness. It’s nothing different than what they do before“, commented the technician.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

About the meeting, Moreno understands that “talking about the penalty is a rush when the result is so overwhelming”, but he made it clear on several occasions that “there is no penalty anywhere”. That situation unbalanced the match, together with Espanyol’s problems with the ball, the main problem for the coach along with defensive security: “We lacked continuity in the circulations when we had the ball to be able to get into the opposition field quickly, as happened in the 1-0 action”. An endemic evil of the course to which is added, now new, the fragility behind that Moreno summed up in “we get less but with clearer actions.”

Shield/Flag Betis

He also had critical words for Raúl de Tomás, who was sent off for a double yellow card for two innings that didn’t make much sense, especially the second: “He didn’t give me time to change him. he has been wrong“, he stressed. The Valencian coach made it clear that “we do not have psychological problems” and that “we have a good squad and my goal is to get the most out of it“. At the moment, the Blue and Whites are in that comfortable area of ​​the table, although they are immersed in their first crisis.