Since Isabella Preysler announced his breakup with Mario Vargas Llosa On December 28, much has been said about that famous story that the Peruvian Nobel Prize winner published in 2021, The winds.

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“I already forgot the name of that woman for whom I abandoned Carmencita; it will return to my memory, without a doubt, although, if it did not return, it would not matter to me either,” he wrote in this story, which, according to his own entourage, could have autobiographical overtones. He was remorseful: “It was a crush on the pichula, not the heart. Of that pichula that now no longer serves me for anything, except to pee.”

You have to remember that Carmen It’s the first name of his ex-wife. Patriciathe mother of his three children, Alvaro, Gonzalo y Morgana. The writer left Patricia in 2015 for Isabel, then recently widowed from Miguel Boyer. Vargas Llosa, as practically every day, has been surprised this Monday by the press at the gates of his Madrid home. When asked if he wrote this fable as “revenge” against the queen of hearts, he seriously stated: “No, not at all.”

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However, to other questions such as whether he is still fond of the mother of Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer, he has limited himself to letting out a few laughs in response. In the same way, when faced with the statement that Isabel could not have left him earlier “out of pity”, he also responds with laughter and smiles… Let each one interpret as she wants…

According to Preysler’s version, the relationship ended after the unfounded jealousy of the author of The city and the Dogs. According to the environment of the intellectual, who on February 9 has an appointment with King Juan Carlos in Paris, due to his different lifestyles.