Trump, in its purest form, begs Melania to pose with him after being charged: “I need you”

Trump he puts himself in profile and takes out his purest version. He has achieved what his analysts predicted: turn his impeachment into political gain for his campaign. that their followers, Republican voters and fans see him as some kind of hero-martyr. This career has already started for him. For this reason, on Sunday the 9th, in his Mar-a-Lago Florida mansion, he begged his wife, Melania, to appear with him in public and pose together: “I need you because we are going to campaign.” he posts it Page Sixa detail that has also been included in the French edition of Vanity Fair.

Trump has been charged with 34 crimes for the alleged bribery of porn actress Stormy Daniels, whom he paid for her silence so that she would not make their relationship public. Later, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is now preparing engines for the presidential race. In this race, he has searched for his wife. He knows that he needs her and he has let him know: “I really need you for this,” the newspaper publishes.

Melania Trump, before the Stormy Daniels case, has kept his mouth sealed. A silence that some interpret as dignity and honor. In this rugged scenario, the former president had no choice but to beg a woman. Was his mayday. The distress signal for her to appear walking alongside him at a public event. She agreed, but according to the American press, she had to beg him. We also know that she, by contract, is obligated to appear with her husband in public twice a month. If we contextualize that message of unity and team that the former president wants to launch in the media case of the porn actress, Trump is rebuilding his social and political image. Another thing is that Melania appears with him by contract.