Antonia Dell’Atte: “If I talk about Ana Obregón, World War III breaks out”

Antonia Dell’Atte He already gave something to talk about with a controversial message that he shared on social networks, although he later assured that it was not addressed to Ana Obregon for his controversy over surrogate motherhood. This Wednesday, the mother of Clement Lequio he has bitten his tongue not to reopen a war.

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The Italian has entered the set of Save me: “I have nothing to add. I have not spoken, I am not going to speak and false news should not be given.” However, he has thrown a stone at the presenter: “If I have to pronounce myself, the Third World War breaks out. You know very well what the shot is about.”

For now, the Italian wants to stay out of the controversy: “I prefer to be a spectator. I hope all this calms down.” However, before hanging up the phone, she released a dart that says it all: “I have always protected my son. Jorge, if you call me privately I will tell you everything, but in the Deluxewait me…”.

They have been close enemies since Alessandro Lequio he left Antonia Dell’Atte for Ana Obregón in the early 1990s. The rest is history. Decades of public reproaches through magazines and television sets. The two called a truce a few years ago for the sake of their children, Clemente Lequio and the missing Aless, although the war was reopened as a result of the young entrepreneur’s death, when Clemente, according to her, was not invited to the funeral. his brother’s.