Joaquín Prat, enraged against his haters: “I shit on the dead of more than one”

Following the controversy of pelayo diaz con la community manager de Stradivarius, Joaquín Prat He has said, without mincing words, what he thinks of the haters who launch attacks and disrespectful comments on social networks. The presenter, as a public figure, does not tolerate any type of insult and rude comment.

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In this sense, he explained this Wednesday in it’s already noon: “Then we will talk about whether or not public figures have the right to respond to certain criticisms. I choose to block, I confess. Many times you say nothing. If I don’t read this…”.

However, on certain occasions it cannot be contained: “But I confess that I would shit on the dead of more than one and, in fact, I do. And then I block them. What they say does affect you. Some do and it depends on the day It would be necessary to see the lives of somebody”, has indicated.

As we said, the presenter’s comment came after commenting on the controversy between the media stylist Pelayo Díaz and an Inditex community manager. The girl captured a look by Pelayo on her networks and criticized it by putting the word “No”.

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Pelayo himself answered him and then made it public: “And you wear the Stradivarius networks? Very professional.” And he added: “I hope your boss or boss sees how you handle your networks because if that’s how you handle your personal issue I don’t want to imagine how you’ll handle Stradivarius’s. What a shame.”

After this comment, they accused him in networks of requesting the dismissal of the girl. However, the one who was a stylist of change me He maintains the opposite: “I never asked for the head, you have to read beyond the headlines… At no time did I ask Inditex to end that girl’s work,” he assured this Wednesday from the set of it’s already noondefending himself against criticism.