Joan Laporta has promised Xavi Hernández: the squad will be reinforced in the winter market. In addition, it will not be just one position in the field, but there will be at least two additions: a left side and a forward. In any case, time is running against Barcelona, ​​since to close these two operations it barely has a week ahead: The term ends next Monday, January 31, with the aggravating circumstance that he must first release salary mass to accommodate these reinforcements within the financial ‘fair play’.

The titanic task that the director of football has to undertake these days, Matthew German, to satisfy the requests of the coach, with in addition the ‘affair’ Ousmane Dembélé on the table and other fronts in the air.

Shield/Flag Barcelona

Obviously, the club is obliged to resolve the Ousmane case immediately, since Xavi does not want to have a player in the squad that the club wants to release immediately in the event that he refuses to renew. The solution seems very complicated, especially seeing the background of the striker and his agent, always willing to squeeze the situation to the last consequences.

The club right now has two open folders regarding imminent needs in the squad: a left back to rest Jordi Alba and a versatile striker, which can help score goals, especially after the confirmation of the long-term loss of Ansu Fati.

Photo of Tagliafico

For a long time, the club has been moving in both directions, probing the market in search of the best option, being aware that these are punctual solutions and not necessarily long-term solutions. In the case of the side, a wide range of candidates has been opened, with the name of the Argentine international, Nicolás Tagliafico, as the best placed. However, the claims of Ajax, which asks for 7 million euros, could end up ruining the operation.

Photo of Morata

Up front, the number one candidate is still Álvaro Morata. Although, we are facing the same circumstances as Tagliafico, since the club only contemplates the operation as a loan with a purchase option, but never mandatory. In this sense, everything is still open, especially because of the desire of the Juve striker to come to Barça. In case Morata cannot sign, the alternative that Xavi would be contemplating is the Argentine striker of Eche, Lucas Boyé. An option that is liked within the technical secretariat.

photo by Lucas Boye

In any case, all these operations are at the expense of releasing the wage bill urgently. With the Dembélé case entrenched, the club is pointing to several ways to achieve the objective: loan of Dest or Memphis, or downward renewal of Sergi Roberto, among other.