The way the world has changed over the past few years is hard to describe in words. Until quite recently, people bought goods exclusively in shopping centers, while now they buy goods sitting at home on the couch, using a smartphone or computer and the Internet. 

The same goes for investments. In the past, many decided to invest in real estate, precious metals, and so on. In general, people tried to invest in tangible things. 

Today there are a huge number of digital things that are of great importance, but we cannot touch them. We are talking about modern technologies, cryptocurrencies, software, NFTs, and so on. Thus, a digital economy has emerged that promotes the development of a more open Internet called Web 3.0. 

Now, Web3 stocks are in great demand among many investors. People are buying stocks in companies that create digital objects that have a positive impact on the development of a new, more open Internet. 

If this sounds intriguing to you and you want to invest in something new and promising, then we will tell you which stocks you should buy. 

Top companies to invest 

According to buidlbee, there are many companies that you might be interested in if you are looking to invest in Web3 stocks. 

Coinbase Global 

The company allows users from all over the world to freely buy and exchange digital currency. Users can use fiat currency to purchase digital currency and then make transactions. Thanks to this, and the fact that the company is directly involved in the development of Web 3.0, investors are actively buying shares. Using a decentralized browser, as well as a company wallet, users can access applications of the new Internet. 

Since the company accepts fiat currency, it makes digital transactions available to a wide range of people around the world. Many people are afraid of investing in digital currencies, because, as practice shows, they can be quite unstable. 


Many users have heard about this corporation, especially video gamers who follow the improvement of video cards. However, users began to follow the activities of this corporation more actively when it began to contribute to the development and promotion of the blockchain. 

In their efforts, the company’s specialists actively contribute to the development of the new Internet. The corporation helps Web3 developers together with other technology companies. They create new technologies and assist developers in their projects by offering their platform for developing metaverse applications. 

The corporation is growing along with the development of the new Internet. This makes the products and shares of the company very valuable. However, since the company’s activities are closely related to digital currencies, which can be unstable, this may cause concern among investors. 

Advanced Micro Devices 

Like the previous corporation, this company is engaged in the development of computer technology. In the future, the company plans to use artificial intelligence for its further projects in the field of computer technology. Thus, many investors follow the activities of the company and its shares. 

Next year, the company is expected to gain even more market share, so buying stocks in this company should be a promising decision for investors. Many fear that in the future the market for personal computers will only decrease, which will affect the company’s profits. 


This corporation is one of the oldest and most recognizable players in the computer business market. Over the long years of its existence, the corporation has been able to prove its stable position. The company’s specialists are closely involved in the development of artificial intelligence, which can later be used in Web3 projects. 

Despite its stable position for years, many investors put off buying stocks of this corporation. The corporation shows no growth in revenue. 


In terms of power, this social platform decided to overtake all the others. Innovations on the platform bring it closer to the new Internet. We’re talking about how users can now thank content creators by tipping them in the form of digital currency. 

In addition, users with a paid subscription and a blue checkmark can now add NFTs to their profile, showing off their collections. This generated interest among a huge number of NFT fans. The only downside is that social media stock fluctuations are not uncommon. 


In addition to investing in real estate and precious metals, users are now actively investing in companies that promote the development of a new Internet called Web 3.0. If you are looking for promising investment options, then you should pay attention to the shares of the above companies.