Cristina Cifuentes makes the video-scandal of her creams profitable: Eroski will have to pay her 30,000 euros

The former president of the Community of Madrid, who resigned more than four years ago after the video of Eroski’s creams and her controversy over the master’s degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, has received good news. The supermarket has been sentenced to pay him 30,000 euros for making said video public.

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The Provincial Court of Madrid, as it has advanced The confidential this Thursday, he handed down a sentence in favor of Cristina Cifuentes on January 19 against Cecosa Hipermercados SL, a subsidiary of the Eroski supermarket chain.

The sentence, issued by the Court of First Instance number 82 of Majadahonda after an appeal, determines that the conduct of the supermarket “constitutes a violation of the fundamental right of Cristina Cifuentes to her personal privacy.” Justice considers that her fundamental rights have been violated.

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The former Popular Party politician was recorded by security cameras in May 2011 while she was being searched by security personnel. The video was not destroyed from the database after 30 days, as dictated by privacy regulations. In this sense, the sentence adds: “The defendant [Cecosa Hipermercados SL] did not comply, in the manner that was required, the obligations of security and custody that, with respect to the recording, was imposed by the regulations governing the protection of personal data”.

The images were released in the press in mid-2018, when the former Madrid president also faced the controversy of her master’s degree at Rey Juan Carlos. She ended up resigning and, in these years, she has become a television collaborator for different spaces. Personally, Cristina has also received good news in recent months, because her daughter, Christina Aguilargets married and intends to make her a grandmother.