Toni Bou: “I have exceeded my limits, but I will continue fighting for more”


The Spanish rider Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) is close to continuing to extend his enormous record this Saturday and aspires to add his 34th world title in the Madrid test corresponding to the X-Trial World Championship, a new success that confirms that he has surpassed his “limits”, but that is not going to stop him because he wants to “continue fighting for more”.

The Madrid Arena hosts the penultimate round of the indoor trial championship this weekend and the Catalan is well on his way to extending his tyrannical dominance in this sport. The test will have six obstacle areas in three stages; rivals will try to postpone a new celebration for the 37-year-old pilot.

“In the end my career has surprised me for the better for many years, honestly I had not even dreamed of being able to win so many titles. There are many consecutive years in a sport where the bike can break and where you can get injured easily, we have had many injuries , but we have always saved them. I have exceeded my limits but I will continue fighting for more,” Bou said in an interview for Europa Press.

The Catalan faces this event with “a lot of desire” and is clear that “it is difficult to win it” because there will be “a lot of level” in the competition. “In the ‘indoor’ everything happens very quickly and you can be left out of the classification, semi-final or final. You have to go step by step and it will surely be exciting and difficult, but we will give our 100% because we are very excited to win it here at Repsol’s house in Madrid,” he stressed.

The Spanish driver can win his thirty-fourth world title in this penultimate round of X-Trial taking place in Madrid. Despite his age and his excellent achievements, Bou is still eager to face new challenges with the Repsol Honda team.

“I am clear that I am going to stay here at Repsol Honda, it is my home, where I have achieved everything. I have had a super nice career and I have a very good relationship and it would not make sense to change, especially at my age. I am very good here and my The objective is to continue as much as possible, which we will see when the years are,” he expressed.

On the other hand, regarding the departure of Marc Márquez from Repsol Honda, Bou acknowledged that he has “spoken” with the man from Cervera, with whom he has a “great relationship.” “I wish Marc all the best and obviously I would love for him to return to his home, to Repsol, in 2025,” he concluded.