The spectacular three million euro mansion where Fernández Tapias lived with Nuria González

The Madrid funeral home in La Paz hosted the businessman’s last farewell this Thursday. Fernando Fernandez Tapias (84), who was president of the Madrid Business Confederation and Vice President of Real Madrid. Fefé (as she liked to be called) died this Wednesday morning from a heart attack while he was at her house in the company of his third wife. Nuria Gonzalez (52).

As published this Thursday by the magazine Week, the last residence where the Galician businessman lived was located in the exclusive Puerta del Hierro area of ​​Madrid. The mansion, of 2,262 square meters, was built in 1980. Likewise, thanks to his countless meters, Fernández Tapias and his third wife (in the company of their children Alma e Ivanthe youngest of the eight children he had), enjoyed as a family a chalet valued at three million euros.

The residence, not suitable for any budget, has five luxurious bedrooms and several bathrooms. On the first floor, measuring 600 square meters, they have a large living room and dining room. The former president of the Madrid Business Confederation took advantage of its luxurious facilities to invite famous personalities. Ana Rosa Quintanaas she herself explained, was one of the last to go to the home, where she enjoyed a succulent Madrid stew.

Although the living room does not skimp on dimensions, the upper floor and the basement are not far behind with a total of 500 square meters in each space. To these luxurious facilities, we must add a 100-meter garage, as well as a carefully maintained garden and an outdoor pool.

His older children were unable to say goodbye to him.

The businessman died this Wednesday at the age of 84 after suffering a heart attack. Fernández Tapias had had coronary problems for a long time (he had seven stends implanted) but his loss was a shock to friends and family, who said upon hearing the news that “he was fine.” His older children, with whom he had not spoken since 2019, were very affected: “They are very sad because they have not been able to say goodbye to him.”

Fernando, Borja e Íñigo They are the fruit of Fefé’s first marriage with Chiqui Riva de Luna. They were the ones who filed a lawsuit against his father in 2021, after he dismissed them from his companies to replace them with Sandra y Juan Carlosfruit of his second marriage with Juana Garcia. They then tried to legally incapacitate him and thus challenge the transfer of powers in the business conglomerate. The court finally ruled in favor of Fernández Tapias and dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that the shipowner continued to have full use of his powers.