The next three days of LaLiga SmartBank can be key to clarifying the high positions of the table, with the two direct promotion places as major objectives. And if 'he does his homework', Espanyol can be the great beneficiary of all this: he is the only one of the first six classified, positions that give direct promotion and places in the play-off, who has no matches against direct rivals from this same area.

Almeria (third place), Leganes (fourth) and Ray (sixth) they have two direct encounters against teams that occupy the first six places. Y Majorca (leader) and Sporting (fifth), one each. Only Espanyol escapes this trend: their rivals are Castellón (18th at the moment), Fuenlabrada (13th) and Albacete (21st).

If Vicente Moreno's are capable of get ahead these three games will open a gap with the teams that are competing for the play-off, which points will be 'stolen' from each other, and they could unseat Mallorca from the first place.

This is the calendar of the first six classified these next three days, which will be played between this Friday, April 26 and Monday, April 5, since next week there is a week-long day (in bold, games that involve two of the first six).

MALLORCA (1st classified, 61 points)

Jor. 31, Fuenlabrada-Mallorca

Jor. 32, Mallorca-Leganés

Jor. 33, Las Palmas-Mallorca

ESPANYOL (2nd, 58 points)

Jor. 31, Castellón-Espanyol

Jor. 32, Espanyol-Fuenlabrada

Jor. 33, Albacete-Espanyol

ALMERÍA (3rd, 56 points)

Jor. 31, Almeria-Leganés

Jor. 32, Malaga-Almeria

Jor. 33, Almeria-Rayo

LEGANÉS (4th, 53 points)

Jor. 31, Almeria-Leganés

Jor. 32, Mallorca-Leganés

Jor. 33, Leganés-Sabadell

SPORTING (5th, 52 points)

Jor. 31, Sporting-Alcorcón

Jor. 32, Rayo-Sporting

Jor. 33, Sporting-Mirandés

RAYO (6th, 49 points)

Jor. 31, Rayo-Mirandés

Jor. 32, Rayo-Sporting

Jor. 33, Almeria-Rayo

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