This is how Daniel Sancho moved in the world of the night: “He was the hook”

Daniel Sancho remains in the Thai prison of Koh Samui while the investigation into the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon continues Edwin Arrieta. A chef by profession, Rodolfo Sancho’s son also had other businesses, related to the world of nightlife.

Sancho Gracia’s grandson worked as public relations in Madrid nightclubs: “He had an undoubted physical attractiveness and that made him also move very well in the nightlife world, in fashionable Madrid nightclubs where he was between public relations and entertainer. He had so much appeal that even in a nightclub they chose him for the promotional videos,” Beatriz Cortázar explained this weekend in Research team (the sixth). For this nightclub, he even promoted the Halloween party dressed as Joker, the famous criminal from the fictional world.

In the queue at the nightclub, several young people spoke for the program who claimed to know him or have some contact with him: “Good guy, he moved the world at night but a good guy,” said one of them. Another defined him as “a super normal guy”: “I know him from school. He never said he was the son of Rodolfo Sancho. He arrived in the 1st year of ESO at the Santa María del Pilar School and got in super well because he was a super nice boy.” .

Another young client of said nightclub also stated: “My cousins ​​knew him. They knew that Edwin was a friend of his. Dani Sancho told his friends that if Edwin spoke to them they should ignore him because ‘He is very annoying, harassing me.'”

Daniel Sancho remains behind bars. His father traveled to Thailand two weeks ago and visited him three times, but after a few days he returned to Spain because he thought that his presence in the Asian country could harm him. Daniel does have his mother close, Silvia Bronchalo, which remains in Thailand but has initially been left without defense. The family is looking for a new lawyer, who has to be a Thai, since the one they had does not convince the family. Now they are managing the hiring of a jurist who can get the best for Rodolfo Sancho’s son, within the gloomy panorama that he faces after being accused of murdering and dismembering the doctor Edwin Arrieta.