Switzerland, a neutral country, wins the most tense Eurovision Song Contest due to the presence of Israel

In times of conflict, controversies and tension, a neutral country has won Eurovision. Swiss has won the 68th edition of the Festival thanks to the extraordinary performance of the young man Nemowhich has impacted with the song The Code and one magnetic staging that has hypnotized the public and, incidentally, it has made us forget the controversy over Israel’s presence in the contest.

“Thank you all. I hope this contest keeps its promise and continues to be a program that seeks peace“, Nemo said as soon as he collected the trophy from Loreen, the previous year’s winner, who had refused to give the trophy to the Israeli singer if she won.

Nemo’s victory in Eurovision marks Switzerland’s third victory in this festival and the first since 1988, when Céline Dion took home the festival with the theme Do not go without me. Previously, Switzerland had only won the first edition of Eurovision, in 1956, with the legendary Lys Assia.

Switzerland has won Eurovision with 591 pointsfollowed by Croatia (547), Ukraine (453), France (445) and Israel (375). In the case of the latter country, it has achieved resounding support from televoting (323 points for Israel, slightly less than Croatia’s 337), but not from the professional juries, which have focused strikingly on Switzerland. However, it is curious that the country that has finally won Eurovision has not had the main support of the audience, because it has been fifth in the ranking, behind Croatia, Israel, Ukraine and France.

Spain, for its part, has finished in 22nd place, with only 30 points for Nebulossa and The debt. The performance of Mery Bas and Mark Dasousa has received a standing ovation from the public at the Malmö Arena (Sweden), but has not managed to convince the public (11 televoting points) or the juries (19 professional points). Spain has only received support from Italy (7), San Marino (6), Austria (4), Switzerland (1) and Finland (1).

Who is Nemo, the winner of Eurovision 2024?

Nemo Mettler25 years old, calls himself just Nemo and has triumphed with the song The Codea song that talks about personal identity, because he considers himself non-binary. “The song is about the journey in which I began to realize that I am neither man nor woman. Finding myself has been a long and complicated process for me, but nothing makes me feel better than the freedom I have gained by be aware that I am non-binary,” he explained in an interview.

Nemo plays the violin, piano and drums. In addition, he has released several songs on the market – he has four EPs published – that have been successful in his country. One of those that had the most impact, also on gender identity, was This body.

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