This is his shocking physical change

At 30 years old, the ‘Little Nicholas’ He is getting closer to achieving the face he has been fantasizing about for some time. The young man has been undergoing a facial masculinization process for a few years now, and after a new session with his trusted specialist, he has shared the results of his latest session on his social networks.

Together with Alba Ruiz, the man who was one of the most famous faces in the Spanish political scene has published a video where the man from Madrid receives a few injections in specific areas of his face to highlight his features. Specifically, as the specialist explains, ‘Little Nicolás’received neuromodulator treatment in the upper third of the face to avoid the marks of expression wrinkles, lipolytic oaks to eliminate fat from the double chin and mandibular marking for chin projection with hyaluronic acid.

The young man has shown the before and after of his intervention, which he already underwent in 2021. It is one of the most common methods for those looking for a face with more marked and ‘masculine’ features. Although, the treatments have to be repeated every year, which is how long their effects last. But what are all the aesthetic procedures that the Madrid native has undergone?

‘Little Nicholas’ after undergoing several cosmetic touch-ups

“Little Nicholas has become a man with facial fillers and the result is impressive,” says Dr. Leo Cerrud, an expert in aesthetic medicine, in an interview with Infobae. Lola Sopeña, a beauty specialist and director of the franchise of clinics that bears her name, has analyzed in depth the aesthetic procedures that Fran has undergone. “He has surprised us with a more masculine face, with more marked cheekbones and a squarer jaw, which make him look more attractive,” she says.

Now, this marking of the jaw with the injection of hyaluronic acid “angulates the cheekbone”: “The mandibular angle is projected and the chin is squared. By working on these areas, we can create the sensation of a more masculine face, with more marked and forceful features,” adds Cerrud. Although, experts also admit that these treatments do not have any side effects, since “expressiveness and naturalness are not lost” facial.

Sopeña also points out that Fran has also had upper blepharoplasty without surgery, as she has “less excess skin” in the eyelid area.