Carla Vigo shows off her boyfriend with a passionate kiss and an “I love you”

If a few days ago a close friend publicly revealed that Queen Letizia’s niece was “totally in love”this weekend has been the very Carla Vigo who has finally dared to share on her social networks the happy moment she is living, showing off her boyfriend with a photo in which she and her boyfriend are giving each other a passionate kiss, along with which she wrote the declaration: “I love you, @xmaciasss19”.

Although she lives in Madrid and he in Barcelona, ​​it seems that distance has not been an impediment for Carla and Xavi to have already had several meetings in a few weeks that have strengthened their relationship and excited the 23-year-old day by day, who has defended her boyfriend on social networks against certain critical comments that the photo she shared has raised. “I hope he’s not playing with you and is really affectionate!!! I’ve already seen many of those photos and those looks!!! Good luck,” said a follower, to which she replied: “What are you doing? Because he has tattoos you say such nonsense that I go crazy, honestly.” Her answers have made it clear that he “takes care of” her or that he treats her “like a queen.”

Carla Vigo and her boyfriend Xavi

However, Carla’s friend who raised the hare is not very in favor of this relationship, as she commented that “That boy only wants to be popular, he doesn’t show Carla the slightest affection”but she seems infatuated and does not realize that this relationship will end up hurting her a lot. One day she will find herself more alone than ever. And we tried to open her eyes, but, as I said, she has fallen head over heels in love and is incapable of seeing what is good for her in this relationship.”.

Only time will tell if her relationship with Xavi is a summer love or something more. The last serious relationship that Carla had and that was made public was the one she had in 2022 with Álvaro Uceda, with whom she even lived for a year and a half at her in-laws’ house, but which ended before she turned 22. Then, they reconciled in 2023 when Carla was admitted to hospital and he was one of her greatest supports, but soon after they broke up again. We will see if she is luckier in love now than she has been until now.