The fashion trend that Morgan Riddle is leading at Wimbledon

Morgan Riddlethe girlfriend of American professional tennis player Taylor Fritz, is as much an expert on her boyfriend’s sport as she is on style. At this year’s Wimbledon competition, the influencer has captured all eyes with her incredible looks. What’s more, she has championed the latest fashion trend: ‘Tenniscore’, the new athletic and preppy fashion aesthetic that surrounds this sport.

All the popular clothing brands that have launched tennis-related garments have contributed to the growth of the sport. Something that Morgan knows well, since through her social networks, the influencer shares the different fashion styles that you can combine to attend these sporting events.

It is true that going to a tennis match takes longer than we imagine. Simple floral shirts and elegant dresses are no longer enough. Nowadays, going to a sporting event has become another occasion to stand out with our impeccable looks. What’s more, Wimbledon is the mecca of ‘Tenniscore’ and this week in London has been dubbed ‘fashion week’.

Morgan Riddle has thus become the true star of the tournament. The influencer delights those in the stands with her original looks. And we are not surprised, because the young woman’s wardrobe is one of the most inspiring of the moment. Riddle can attract all eyes with many styles: from oversized jackets to the most daring prints. Here are the looks that Morgan has worn at Wimbledon.

It’s not a very tennis-inspired style, but it is related to the sport. On average, 4.8 tons of strawberries are consumed each year in the competition, which is why Riddle wore this look, inspired by tradition, on the Chanel catwalk in 2008.

Inspired by a look worn by Kate Middleton for the tournament back in 2012, Morgan wore a pearl white Staud piece that slimmed her waist. The dress also has a finish that alludes to the legendary tennis skirts, in reference to the competition.

Morgan often plays with different silhouettes to achieve visual balance. In this case, the influencer has opted for a tennis-style skirt, which she combines with a light, long-sleeved T-shirt in pastel yellow.