That’s at least what it says Lectures on its cover this Wednesday. The weekly publishes that it was the own Antonio David Flores who told his daughter and that’s why Rocio Flores He broke off relations with what was his father’s second wife and his sister’s mother, little Lola. The same happened with the other son of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David, who has left the house of Olga Moreno to live in the apartment that his father shares in Malaga with Marta Riesco. On July 29, Informalia advanced the relationship between Etienne and Olga. She later denied in an interview on Hola that they were more than friends but finally sold the exclusive and admitted the courtship.

The weekly does not have the slightest confirmation, neither from Antonio David, nor from Rocío Flores nor, of course, from Olga Moreno nor from Augustine Etienne. But he points out that supposed infidelity as the main reason that led Rocío Flores to not want to know anything about Olga, whom she adored, and who acted as her and her brother’s mother for two decades.

The publication cites sources in the family environment, to put together the story that “it was Antonio David Flores who sowed the rupture between the two.” According to the weekly, when Olga confirmed her relationship with Augustine Etienne, “Antonio David saw there the perfect opportunity to remove the label of bad, to be responsible for the gallery for having broken the family with his ‘affair’ with Marta Riesco”, says lectures, somehow following the path previously indicated in Save me and some programs from La fabrica de tele, In addition to Jorge Javier Vázquez and other characters from the close environment of Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac, including the director of Lectures. Luis Pliego’s magazine attributes the origin of this news to a person close to the family. “He told his daughter that Olga had already hooked up with Agustín Etienne even before her ex-wife went to ‘Super-vivientes,'” they say. That was in April 2021. “I was the first cuckold of this marriage,” Antonio David allegedly told his daughter,” says the unidentified source cited by Lecturas. We repeat: neither Olga Moreno, nor Agustín Etienne, nor himself Neither Antonio David nor Rocío Flores have confirmed that this was the case and the source is not identified. We quarantine magazine headline.