They assure that Daniel Sancho “bled the body” of Arrieta “before dismembering it”: new details of the crime

The information about the case of daniel sancho (29) do not cease as the days go by. Almost a week after his entry into provisional prison, new details have emerged about the moment in which he allegedly ended the life of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta44, in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan.

On the one hand, the journalist José Ángel Leiras has revealed this Saturday on Telecinco, speaking to sources of the investigation: “Daniel Sancho would have cut Edwin Arrieta in the armpits and in the femoral artery to bleed the body before dismembering it and thus no blood stains, just the ones found in the shower drain.”

On the other hand, the journalist explained that Daniel had a credit card that the Colombian doctor put in his name: “It has a balance of 25,000 euros a month, the last time it was used was that week in Thailand.” Rodolfo Sancho’s son arrived in Thailand on Monday, July 31, and on Wednesday, August 2, he reportedly killed the doctor.

Finally, he has revealed new details about the statements made to the authorities: “Until now it has emerged that when Daniel testifies, he says that in the discussion Edwin falls, hits himself and dies. But Dani’s lawyer when he meets with the judge admits murder and premeditation”.

Sancho is accused of premeditated murder and of dismembering the victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains. The chef, the grandson of Sancho Gracia, confessed to being the author of the murder of Arrieta, 44, which occurred last week in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan. On Monday, Daniel entered provisional prison on the island of Koh Samui. On August 17, he will be placed in regular detention pending trial, which will take place at the latest in early November.