There will be an exciting game between the Colts and the Texans in NFL Week 18. The Bills will beat the Dolphins to retain the AFC East. The Bears will surprise the Packers.

We did it, guys! This is the last week before the normal season. It’s been 17 weeks of football.

This year has been great. We’ve had hard times and laughed together. Today, we got to see Gardner Minshew qualify to the playoffs, which is something none of you deserve.

Three years ago, I was laughed off by the “Pick Six Podcast” when I claimed that Minshew was one of the best backups in the league and that I would trade a pick in the third round of the draft for him right away.

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For the Ravens, this game is irrelevant because they already have the top spot in the AFC. But that could hurt the Steelers because the Ravens won more meaningless games than every other team in the league’s history.

It’s just a preseason game, right? Or, the Ravens won 24 consecutive preseason video games, mostly due to John Harbaugh can’t stand to lose.

Harbaugh probably would beat a ten-year-old at hoop if the two played one-on-one and win 21-0. He’d probably also get a triple-double.

Harbaugh might not play his best players in this game. It might seem best to rest their stars, but the Ravens will have to make a tough decision because they won’t be able to play for nearly a month if they do that.

The Houston Texans have been the worst side I’ve ever picked. If you’ve been reading my picks all season, you know this.

No matter if the Texans have here or not, I think my pick will prove wrong. People wait for the Texans pick to happen so they can pick the opposite team. These kids know a lot.

A lot of people can want the Titans to win their game upon Sunday during 1 p.m. ET, and this could make individuals their most popular NFL squad.

What team will win the AFC South whether the Jaguars lose? The winner is the Texans-Colts game. You can be sure that the Steelers will make the playoffs whenever the Jaguars are to drop.

Basically, how this game turns out could have a big effect on how the AFC quarterfinals are set up.

If the Jaguars win, they will take on the Browns during the wild-card round of the playoffs. They’ll be in fourth place in the AFC.

First, I’d like to ask everyone who is attending the game upon Sunday as well as plans to sit close to Daniel Tepper’s booth not to bring a blanket.

If Bryce Young had hit like that, the Panthers might not have lost. Zing. That being said, let’s get to my pick.

The 49ers can’t win this game anymore because they are already holding the best record in the NFC as well as will host their playoff games.

In this two years in a row, the Packers just must win one more game to make the playoffs. It goes without saying that everyone within Green Bay hopes this year’s game goes much better than last year’s.

The NFL still has an additional great game to enjoy. Last matchup of the 2023 football season will be between the Bills and the Dolphins. It’s a race for the AFC East title.

This game might be more exciting if in two ways the Jaguars as well as the Steelers win in Week 18.

If that happens, the Bills might be in a spot where victory would secure them in the top slot for the division or a loss would put them off of the playoffs altogether.