The NFL fined David Tepper $300,000 because he threw a beverage at fans in Jacksonville.

Raleigh, NC, North Carolina: David’s Tepper, the majority shareholder of the football team Carolina Panthers, was penalized by $300,000 by the NFL upon Tuesday to “unacceptable conduct” during the Jaguars’ 26-0 win on Sunday.

Tepper threw an alcoholic beverage during Jaguars fans outside EverBank Stadium at Jacksonville. The incident was caught on camera.

The NFL said in a statement, “All NFL employees have a responsibility to treat each other in ways that honor our supporters and positively reflect on the team and the NFL.” He wrote that he feels bad for everything he did but is “passionate” about his team.

“I may have notify NFL facility security direct any issues that the rose,” he shared with me. “I value the NFL’s norms or code guidelines and agreed to the league’s sanction of my behavior.”

David Tepper, owner in the Carolina Panthers, was fined $300,000 by the NFL for throwing a drink at fans in Jacksonville on Sunday near the end of a game.

In a statement released Tuesday, the league said Tepper’s acts were “unacceptable.” “All NFL staff are obligated to behave at all times in manner that conveys respect for the fans while making their team and the NFL sound good,” the announcement stated.

With a little more than three minutes remained in the game, rookie quarterback Bryce Young threw an interception. This made Tepper angry. It was a 26-0 win for the Jaguars.

“I care deeply concerning this team and feel bad for how I behaved upon Sunday,” Tepper said in a statement.

“If something got wrong, I might have let those in charge of security that the NFL stadium deal it.” I agree to follow the NFL’s policy of behavior and accept that the group can punish me.

With $20.6 billion in assets, he is the second-richest owner in the league. The fine is just 1% of his wealth.

It’s like the $250,000 charge who former Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams earned in 2009 after he made a rude move toward Buffalo fans while he was celebrating a win.

Fan of the Jaguars named Christy Honsberger was the first person to post the Tepper video upon social media upon Sunday.

It was filmed in a different room. Honsberger said no when ESPN asked to talk to him. Tepper may have heard something, or the NFL’s the worst team may just have fallen again.

They are on a 2-14 record as well as will not even receive the first pick in the draft because they traded it to Chicago for the pick who was utilized to pick Young.

While watching the game to a club room, Tepper threw away what’s was left of his drink. Hawks boss Scott Fitterer was close.

In 2009, the NFL fined tardy Titans chairman Bud Adams $250,000 for being rude to Buffalo people while celebrating the victory over the Bills. Fans who flung drinks in players had to be kicked out of games.

Tepper had a bad year because after only 11 games, he dismissed first-grade coach Frank Rath. Since he owned the Panthers just over a decade ago, Tepper has had trainers like Reich, Ron Rivera, and Matt Rhule.

As guest teachers, Perry Fewell, Steven Wilks, or Chris Tabor have also worked with him. To get the right choice for Young, the Bears had to trade two first-round picks and top receiving DJ Moore in April.

This moved them from ninth to first. A few days after the selection process, Carnegie told Panthers fans at Bank American Stadium that Young would lead the team to two “Super Bowls.”

Things haven’t gone well since then. Young is one for the worst NFL players, according to the numbers.

After Tepper bought the Panthers for $2.75 billion within 2018, it was clear over weeks that they would lose again. It would be their sixth straight failed season.

These are the three head coaches that Tepper has fired during the season since 2019. After a 1-10 start during the season, Frank Reich was fired. Before that, Matt Rhule had been dismissed after a 1-4 start.