Argentina, a reference in terms of promoting gender equality in sport, served as ‘Gala Ambassador’

The world belongs to Evelina Cabrera


More than a tattoo, it is a dogma to always bear in mind. ‘The world is yours’ can be read on the forearm of Evelina Cabrera, multifaceted ‘superwoman’ who, with the fight for the flag, has been breaking down barriers for years. One of them shattered her by becoming the first female assistant coach of a Mexican men’s soccer team (Pachuca), but the world of Evelina also contains being co-founder of the Argentine Women’s Soccer Association (AFFAR), having spoken before the UN Assembly and to be a reference in terms of promoting gender equality in sport. For all the comments and much more, she is considered by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential women in the world and there could not have been a better choice for her to play the role of ‘Ambassador of the 1st European Women’s Soccer Gala Mundo Deportivo ‘. As such, on Monday he received a commemorative plaque from the hands of Cristina Cubero, deputy director of MD. “We have a great responsibility, which is to be the voice of all those girls and women who do not have the opportunity to have that visibility. We do not realize the privilege we have. We are the hope and the beacon in the face of all the inequality that exists. Today a lot of girls and women can aspire to be someone thanks to the path that women present here made, ”she said in an emotional speech.

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