Do not think evil: but that kiss in the water of Ainhoa ​​Armentia e Iñaki Urdangarin, with their tongues buried in each other’s throats, is almost emotional porn (inside there is the other) and can only have one ending. Those displays of Ana Soria and Enrique Ponce are a two Disney (of the old ones) compared to this Wednesday.

We are not referring to the lurid details of the mating ritual, which are obvious, but to the imminent divorce that has to come after a public scene like this, which clears up doubts about the level of infatuation enjoyed by these co-workers who live their love above all: their marriages, their families and public opinion. And of the money. Because, where do these two passionate lovebirds get the dough to go make love to Formentera?

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But there is more: they want the whole world to know how much they love each other. Because it is not that they exhibit it, but they do not hide either, as evidenced by the fact that several magazines have photographed them. Semana has also hunted the lovebirds and brings them to her cover.

That level of joy for Ainhoa ​​and Urdangarin is inversely proportional to the double ordeal of the infant Christina: 1) She suffers the amputation without anesthesia of the love of her life, of a quarter of a century with the father of her four children, for whom she went through everything. Together wherever. Not now.

2) She suffers public humiliation, when she is still formally married to the former handball player. Her mother, Queen Sofia, knows something about this and presumably will give her some wise advice. But what about her father? What can you tell him Juan Carlos your daughter about that?

At the moment, Cristina takes refuge at work and has accepted the proposal of the two entities for which she works (Obra Social La Caixa and the Aga Khan Foundation) to go to Mozambique, as she anticipated The confidential.

Undoubtedly, upon her return we will learn the details, rhythms and dates of her divorce from Iñaki Urdangarin because such a marriage is unsustainable, even if it is only a formal marriage. The matter of Doña Sofía and Don Juan Carlos was something else: a matter of state.

Soft porn cases

The images published this Wednesday by the magazine lectures on inside pages are closer to the pornography soft that of the reports to the use in the gossip press. If the snooping on the cover does not seem enough to you, in the seven pages of the report nothing is missing. They have some clothes on, yes, but sometimes it’s almost worse. In one of the photos, Urdangarin and his girlfriend lying on the sand on a towel, the Basque, in a bikini, intertwines the body of the “hard-joined” former duke with her legs, trapped by the lower extremities of her girlfriend. And we did not recover the nickname with which Don Juan Carlos’ own son-in-law was baptized on his day for no reason. It is that the brother-in-law of Felipe VI, with his yellow swimsuit, exhibits in more than one photograph without the slightest shame the effects of the heater, a full-fledged erection, a ‘paquetón’ as real as his political family.